When all the news seems bad, how do brands champion the good?

By April 9, 2020From the DAIS Studio

The one thing that defines our brands in times of unprecedented challenge, both Personal and Corporate, is not ‘what we have to sell’ but it’s ‘what we have to give’. Harnessing our skills, leaning deeply into our craft and embracing our passions to do something that may not be exactly what we usually do, to give something that may help someone else. Factories are re deploying their processes to make hand sanitiser; schools are using 3D printers to make parts for hospital respirators and face shields.

Right now, it is all about, ‘whatever it takes’ to get us all through to the other side of this global crisis. Sometimes true creativity comes when you stop looking at your own problems and by stepping into the world of others and what they may need solved. The key to catching a great idea is to let it come to you rather than to try to hunt one down.

Each year the DAIS Brand Strategy team embark on making a commitment to look for and adopt what we call passion projects. These are projects that always follow one governing principle. They must be about giving something to someone else without the expectation of anything in return. It’s our version of making a something with our own hands and giving it to someone who doesn’t expect it. We make it ourselves and share it with others.

A week ago, a new DAIS passion project idea was born! We built it in a day. Launched the following day and have pledged to deliver something that inspires others every single working day. It’s called ‘Work from home experience’

It a website and program of Instagram live presentations delivered by inspiring people with amazing jobs who have offered to provide a ‘Work Experience’ insight for students stuck studying at home or those who have lost their jobs and could change everything by embracing a new career path. The talks are delivered live once a day and participants can ask questions directly to the presenter in real time. We are also thinking about all those parents trying to home school their children or trying keep them motivated to study.

From Ferrari Mechanics to Zoo Keepers and professional Drag Queens, we have an amazing line-up of presenters from all walks of life and diverse careers who have generously offered to share half an hour of their day to inspire and elevate the brands of others.

We are reaching out to our community to join in and to get involved. If you know someone with an interesting and inspiring job let us know or ask them to contact us. We are also inviting YOU… to pop into any of our live insta sessions to ask the presenter a question. There is a program of presenters each week on the website. We try our best to have the session at 10am most weekday mornings.

There are already a few presentations to look at in the experience archive on the website from the sessions we held this week.

Check it out at: www.workfromhomeexperience.com and follow us on Instagram to get involved @Workfromhomeexperience