Brands that know who they are lead and succeed.



A brand’s behaviour must deliver on the promise it makes to the market.



Brands that build a culture of behaviour achieve beyond measure.



A brand that values governance multiplies its opportunity to profit.



Brands inspire what we say, what we do, 
what we believe and where our passion lies.


As brand strategists we are passionate about brand and the value of building brand as an asset to deliver a return on investment as well as tangible value reflected on the balance sheet.

Branding is not a product – it is a process requiring continual and committed energy.

We take our clients on a journey that embodies both an educational and empowering process. We believe that brands must be sustainable and monitored with sound communication strategy and control structures to really last the distance.

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A healthy brand can be determined through ten success triggers.
Test the status of your brand below.


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The DAIS Brand Strategy Growth Performance System
is a successful brand process methodology that can
deliver your business in excess of 25% growth.*



*Greater than 25% growth if you follow the established Brand Behavioural Process for a minimum of 12 months.


We love the new brand. We’ve had enough time for the brand story to settle, and we haven’t rushed it – we’re very comfortable with it and everything gels. There’s a huge amount of mileage ahead of this brand, and the process has helped crystallise the fundamentals of our business. DAIS has helped challenge our thinking, and we’ve enjoyed being able to have conversations about our business with people who can do something with it.

Peter Row, Managing Director, Vindico

The strategic branding support delivered by the whole team at DAIS constitutes an integral part of our success and we remain sincerely grateful for this creative input by DAIS. It certainly continues to highlight our professionalism in such a hotly contested field! Once again, my sincere thanks for all your support and confidence in the Emporium Hotel and we shall continue to do our utmost to fulfil our brand mantra of promising “exquisite stays...”.

Peter Savoff, General Manager, Emporium Hotel

Thank you for the presentation yesterday. The feedback has been very positive and it was great for the staff to understand the history and reasoning behind the new brand. Look forward to getting into the hard (harder) work of getting it implemented.

Elizabeth Clarke, Managing Director, Savenio

You and your team have made a material positive difference to Power Choice. Your input has and will form a distinct change to the brand of Power Choice and has made a market improvement. Thanks to you and your team, Power Choice staff are now more engaged, the Power Choice brand is more consistent, engagement with customers is improving and most importantly sales are up.

Alan Jones, CEO, Power Choice

I had always been a bit of a brand skeptic, and thought if you were good at sales the rest would take care of itself. When I was faced with a fundamental shift in the way we needed to do business, I knew we needed a helping hand. DAIS helped us express our goals and vision, and when this was articulated I was completely blown away. It was like a light came on, and I thought to myself, “This is it!”.

Robert Gordon, Managing Director, Evocca College

We have worked on three brands with DAIS now and every time the process and seeing the result has made me want to start another company so I can work with them again to create another brand. I’m addicted.

Schalk Pienaar, Director, Croomo & Clui

The reason we use DAIS is they make us uncomfortable. We need our ideas to be challenged. To ensure we stay on track and innovate we need to have a manageable brand structure and clear communication framework that supports our strategic direction. DAIS have a way of understanding what we are trying to achieve and work hard to support us by pushing our thinking to achieve more than we initially thought possible. Over the years we have not only created a strong brand strategy but formed a really positive and fun working relationship.

Joanne Jessop, CEO, Multicap

After the presentation our staff were all chatting about the rebrand. They decided they just loved Jack, and think he’s fabulous! Since then we’ve rolled out a lot of the other tools recommended in the strategy, and ‘The Spaceframe Way’ has now become the standard catchcry for all our staff – everyone uses it daily. It’s becoming second nature to everyone. The drive, belief and passion of everyone at DAIS has helped us achieve this unified approach, articulating what we do in a way our people and our market understand, allowing us to continue to focus on what we do best.

Jane Raspotnik, Director, Spaceframe

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