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Global Equipment Alliance


Components Only was experiencing growth across their brand portfolio. However, they did not have a clear brand architecture or strategy to communicate their value to different markets and prepare for expansion.

The brand wanted a clear and structured brand architecture to explain their value proposition, align with their business strategy and position them for future growth.


  • Define and articulate a resolved brand ecosystem to manage marketplace, product and data innovation brands. Using this to provide a model for future expansion.
  • Evolve existing brand identities to follow a consistent yet distinctive campaign direction.
  • Distil a brand personality and voice that can be engaged with by both internal and external stakeholders.
Three black titles with white text underneath with orange backgrounds describing the sub-brands in brand architecture

Naming & brand architecture

As part of our initial strategy work, it was clear Components Only required a new master brand. Specifically, this brand needed to connect the marketplace and data innovation brands, as well as establish organisational clarity. So, we crafted the new brand name, Global Equipment Alliance. Which gives the brand a sense of stature and position as a global leading equipment marketplace.

Additionally, Global Equipment Alliance’s logo used three track-inspired shapes to construct the E. As well as this, it articulates the three sub-brands and is adaptable across campaigns with bold, no nonsense campaign language.

White text on dark blue background with black line effect with the words, keep you tracking

Brand identities

The brand promise keep you tracking works as a strategic campaign device, along with visual elements, to reflect momentum and expertise. While the visual identity incorporates the geometric shapes, repetition and movement of machinery and vehicle tracks. These elements work together to create visual elements that can be applied across the brand ecosystem. The new brand identity also includes a refreshed colour palette, transparency and consistent brand devices to create depth, momentum across the brand identities.

In creative application the brand made use of strategic image palettes for each brand, to establish personality and clearly communicate its point of difference in the market.

White text separated on different lines with orange background reading big parts for big business

Campaign execution involved a combination of brand devices, strategic images and no-nonsense language like “No time for downtime” and “Together we’ll move mountains”. Altogether, this creates disruptive campaigns that align with new brand personality and ecosystem.


In summary, with a structured brand ecosystem, strategic and consistent brand and visual identities Global Equipment Alliance and its market-facing brands, are clearly positioned for future growth. In addition their websites, marketing material, campaigns and internal systems now reflect the new brand architecture. As a result, Global Equipment Alliance and its’ brands have new energy and a clearer purpose.
Equipzar - branding examples
Equipzar - branding examples
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