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  • Newly established company producing craft tonic water.
  • Passion for Australian lifestyle and boutique gin culture.
  • Products influenced by the native botanical tones of local regions to bring to market a refreshingly different tonic that communities can be proud to call their own.


  • Claim position as a strong influencer and market leader in the emerging craft tonic market.
  • Articulate a strong, tasteful brand identity and a symbolic brand icon reflective of a contemporary, early adoptive market.
  • Become the craft tonic of choice for consumers, distilleries, bars and stockists.
Long Rays Australian Native Tonic bottle with brand icon resting on white table next to plant.


Strategically, we approached the project with the goal of creating a magnetic, contemporary and disruptive brand that would gain immediate traction in the Australian market. We also created a strong campaign and communication strategy to be used for sales and social media to reach the target market. With growth potential in mind, an additional product stream model was developed for the possibility of the brand expanding its product range in the future.
Long Rays Native Tonic brand icon and corporate identity on white background

The name Long-Rays was inspired by the notion of gathering to enjoy long afternoons with good friends in the golden afternoon light. The campaign voice ‘gathered to enjoy’ plays on this concept as well as the Australian native botanicals that were gathered to create Long-Rays tonic water.


Visually, the brand icon represents rays of light and is enhanced by the use of shadows and lighting produced by the native botanicals and the tones of golden hour and twilight.

The botanicals also influenced the brand’s primary colour palette of warm grey, earthy tones and navy.

Long Rays Native Tonic debossed brand icon on tan leather
Long Rays Native Tonic bottles and packaging design with brand icon.
Long Rays Native Tonic advertisement
Long Rays Native Tonic bottle caps with brand icon.
Long Rays Native Tonic advertisement with brand icon
Two glasses next to two bottles of Long Rays Native Tonic with symbolic brand icon.


Since launching, Long-Rays has entered the market with a strong brand that has been embraced by consumers, bars and stockists.
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