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Voconiq (Formerly Reflexivity) was transitioning away from CSIRO to establish a commercialised business however lacked clear marketing communications, an ownable identity and was experiencing brand confusion. The brand required a global trademark strategy and brand architecture and positioning strategy to establish a clear market position.


  • Define brand portfolio architecture to align with business strategy and simplify value propositions
  • Create an engaging brand with a unique personality and authentic brand DNA to globally drive awareness and growth
  • Articulate branded ecosystem, its products and brands, their interrelationships and value propositions
  • Establish scalable brand structures to position brand for a sustainable future
Voconiq - Branding example
Voconiq - Branding example


With a focus on connecting community voices through insights and science, Voconiq became the new brand name, establishing an engaging brand identity that informs the structured brand ecosystem. Claiming a new category, engagement science insights, the brand is positioned for future expansion as global leaders in the market.
The brand promise activated understanding is visually depicted through a series of dynamic and transparent linked lines to reflect Voconiq’s ability to bridge gaps between communities, industry and government through data driven insights. Implemented across the entire business, this visual identity gives a sense of movement, power and direction and establishes a clear corporate identity adaptable for future global expansion.
Voconiq - Brochure example
Voconiq - Case study
Voconiq - Logo
Voconiq Local Voices is the community facing brand and required a different look and feel to better connect with communities and to differentiate between their local practices and their central Voconiq head office, while still remaining connected through consistent visual and language conventions.
Voconiq - Brochure example
Voconiq - Website example


Implementation of the new brand identity and structures resulted in an ownable and commercially viable brand, positioning Voconiq as a unique global leader and providing structures for sustainable future growth. The new brand ecosystem gives internal and external stakeholders a clear and activated understanding of the parent brand, sub-brands and products and their value propositions, driving global awareness and growth.
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