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Arts & Education

Covering traditional education from early learning centres through to high schools, training colleges and universities, we’ve created brands that stand the test of time. We’ve also developed new economy identities for tech training, kids’ sports digital apps, and innovative reading programs.

Government, Community & Not-for-profit

We’re proud to work with government service providers, city councils, ports, and law enforcement, as well as supporting membership-based organisations, foundations and charities.

Health, Wellbeing & Aged Care

Whichever stage of life or medical specialty you can think of, some of Queensland’s most well-known health brands originated at DAIS. We’ve created strong brand strategies for obstetricians, plastic surgeons, optometrists, orthodontists, pharmacies, physiotherapists, disability and aged care facilities, and mental wellbeing.

Human Resources

DAIS has delved into all facets of the HR industry – from consulting to national corporations – everything from general HR to hospitality specialists, executive placement, technical recruitment and government contract placements.

Primary Industries & Manufacturing

We understand industry, working with clients across utilities safety workwear, packaging, electronics, vehicles, security, large earthmoving machinery, shed building systems and steel fabrication.

Professional Services

From the professions you’d expect – law, accounting, engineering, business and finance, superannuation town planning, to some of the more creative – PR, architecture, photography and even an elite dating service, we work with the top end of town to the local operator to build their business.

Property & Construction

We’re in from the ground up, developing brand strategies for property developers, civil engineering and construction, warehouse and factory design, HVAC, trades, interior design, commercial fencing, real estate agencies and national industry and trade organisations.

Retail & Products

From branding retail products we enjoy from water and tea to chicken meals, vineyards (and wine!), gin distilleries, and coffee machines, to practical solutions such as storage, garage doors, tapware and online business supplies, Dais can create identities for any product, including luxury women’s lingerie, beauty and sportswear.

Technology & Science

In such an exciting, evolving sector, we work on the latest tech in building and logistics data integration, community and industry consultation, digital practice management, AV connection frameworks and digital off-road navigation.

Tourism & Hospitality

When it comes to tourism and hospitality, the sky really is the limit for us! Whether for islands, ski resorts, houseboats or even helicopters, we’ve designed amazing brands. We’ve created identities for hotels, convention centres, luxury travel companies and a host of well-known restaurants, clubs and bars.

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