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Rivera Place

Rivera Place - Case study
Rivera Place - Case study


Hawkesbury Living was expanding their portfolio of aged care services with a new acquisition and required a new brand, marketing positioning and strategic promotional strategy for a range of stakeholder profiles.



  • Define overarching brand and positioning strategy
  • Develop brand architecture and define credentialing structures to connect and acknowledge components to build on existing brand family equity
  • Conduct market research of sector, target audience profiles and competitor analysis to inform an in-depth marketing and promotional strategy
  • Create a visual identity system, campaign voice and language to establish brand DNA and positively disrupt the market
Rivera Place Logo

Corporate identity and credential strategy

The new brand name, Rivera Place, was inspired by the river that is central to the Hawkesbury region, the rich history of the region that spans across eras, and the next stage for the business as it entered a new era of care and excellence. A strategic credentialing structure was developed to connect Rivera Place to the master location brand, Richmond Club, and the Hawkesbury Living Care Community, to leverage existing brand equity and a multifaceted master plan community offering.
Rivera Place - Case study

Brand promise and visual identity

The brand promise trust in care encapsulates how the brand delivers care to residents and their families, as well as the trust families and residents have in the brand to give exceptional care. It also functions as a philosophy for the internal team and communicates the brand’s unique value proposition.
Rivera Place - Car wrap mockup- promotional strategy
Rivera Place - Brochure example
Rivera Place - Brochure example
Rivera Place - Display banner example- promotional strategy

Marketing launch strategy & digital

In-depth target market research, stakeholder interviews and a competitor analysis were conducted to determine a market segmentation and strategic promotional strategy for the launch of the brand, as well as to inform the ongoing communication strategy. Three key market segments were identified within this process and aligned messaging structures and touchpoint maps were developed to effectively engage these markets and clearly communicate the brand position to drive new resident growth.
Rivera Place - Billboard example
Rivera Place - Brochure example
Rivera Place - Brochure example
Rivera Place - Brochure example


Rivera Place’s new brand identity, marketing and launch strategy formed the basis of a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) Collection and Trade-up Strategy and aligning document. This document was pivotal to respond to the Governance, Banking and Compliance criteria required to support the viability of the proposed development.
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