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Starting as family owned law firm, Mullins is now an established law firm in the Australian legal market. However, they had a dated visual identity and lacked brand consistency across the business. They required a strong brand strategy to clearly communicate their key selling points in the market.


  1. Strengthen brand recognition as knowledge leaders valued for breadth of service and progressive thinking
  2. Emphasise Mullins’ collaborative approach and progressive thinking that moves beyond the everyday transactional
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Strategically, DAIS aligned the firm’s internal culture through the introduction of the brand ethics, ‘enabling, strategic and invested’ and a focused brand promise of ‘more than law’ which also translates externally as a greater value proposition to differentiate the Mullins brand.

Visually, the logo typography was updated to a more bold and solid font and a brand icon was developed to create momentum and built the ‘more than law’ concept into the wordmark.

Mullins - More than Law logo- visual identity

Visual Identity

As part of this project we developed a visual identity that included a unique image style representing energetic momentum, knowledge and connections. We also evolved the colour palette to navy, an energetic shade of blue and a cool grey.



mullins brand lawyers visual identity
Mullins brand advisors visual identity
Mullins partners brand visual identity
Mullins branded stationary mixed with photographs-visual identity
Firm booklet with Mullins visual identity on white background


With a stronger corporate identity, Mullins can clearly articulate the key components of the brand to strengthen recognition and communicate its position as leading legal experts to the market.

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