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  • Established family business that has been in the market for over 20 years
  • Needed to develop a strategy to strengthen market positioning and increase brand recognition
  • Brand refocus, refresh and alignment
  • Internal staff engagement


  • Establish engaging and competitive brand positioning to reflect value proposition
  • Create clear brand identity to disrupt the market and build awareness to drive growth
  • Develop brand personality that is consistent and relevant to the target commercial market
Techspan - Branding example
Techspan - Website example
Techspan - Branding example


We retained the name TechSpan as a strategic device to leverage existing equity, with ‘Tech’ highlighting technical prowess and ‘Span’ referring to their extensive end-to-end solutions.

The brand’s language was evolved with the introduction of ‘smart build specialists’ to reflect their expertise in their field. To clearly communicate the brand’s service offer, the solution streams consult, manufacture, and connect were incorporated into the brand inventory.



Techspan - Branding example-
Techspan - Branding example
Techspan - Branding example-

Visually, the refreshed brand uses the geometric shapes of construction tools and steel structures to form the primary icon, which operates as an ‘A‘ in the wordmark and brand certification credential across a range of collateral. The unique and branded certification graphic emphasises the brand’s market positioning as building specialists and structural experts.

Techspan - Website example


TechSpan embraced their new brand implementing the design, language and brand structures across the entire business including brochures, website, social media and internal communications and sales processes.

With clearly defined service offerings and value propositions, staff within the business and external stakeholders now have a consistent understanding of the brand and what it stands for. Techspan’s new, engaging and competitive brand will help will build brand awareness in the market and drive growth.

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Our new brand has provided a lot of clarity, giving us focus to define our target market better and how we explain to clients the difference between us and competitors. Internally, we know the client profiles we are looking for, making our sales and marketing approaches more targeted. As a result of our process with DAIS, we have also innovated our business offerings to better meet the needs of our clients.
‐ Jerry Trewarn, Sales Representative, Techspan
Techspan logo

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