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The brand, formerly LG Super, was a well-established business that was experiencing brand confusion with a competitor, were struggling to communicate their value to different markets and preparing to launch a public offer. They required a compelling and disruptive campaign to drive brand awareness, membership growth and reposition the brand as market leaders.


The brand evolved and refreshed with a new name, LGIA Super, and brand promise ‘let’s grow’, to reposition the brand as a reliable choice that will give existing and new members a secure future and peace of mind. The brand’s identity was strategically created with an engaging brand personality and language to inform compelling messaging structures to be deployed in the campaign.


  • Provide members (and those connected to them) with informative content that clearly outlines the brand’s offering and benefits.
  • Recognise members with care and consideration; listening, communicating and acknowledging their needs.
  • Increase the frequency of communication with members to raise awareness, build profile and welcome new relationships.
  • Position LGIAsuper as a desirable, savvy, safe choice for members and their community.
LGIA Super Let's Grow - logo

We have a proud heritage of serving Queensland’s Local Government employees and protecting their future with secure financial Investment.
Moving into the future, we celebrate this heritage and share our ‘let’s grow’ story with the rest of Australia.

LGIA branding example
To strengthen the brand’s overarching brand personality custom illustrations were created from the brand identity and applied across a range of collateral. With bright colours and dynamic designs, this visual personality provided a distinctive brand DNA in the marketplace and brought the new brand to life.
LGIA branding example
LGIA branding example

Brand launch Strategy

The ‘door is always open’ campaign was created to launch the brand to market over an 18-month period and worked to promote the new brand and public offering to diverse stakeholder groups. Using key brand messaging the campaign aimed to communicate the brand’s value proposition and community focus while aligning with the brand promise of grow and the overall brand strategy.

Visually, a branded green door was used to visually communicate the stages of launch and when live, used in conjunction with an image of the target stakeholder acting as a ‘welcome’ to the superfund.

LGIA branding example
LGIA ad on billboard
LGIA branding example
LGIA branding example
LGIA branding example
The brand developed adaptable messaging and visual structures from this concept and the brand personality to effectively retain existing members and drive new members growth over three campaign stages and wide-spread applications.
Large-scale campaign deployment was utilised to drive brand awareness, which involved community events, such as LGIAsuper picnic, and sponsorship activations, such as the branded entrance tunnel for Cowboys.
LGIA branding example
LGIA signage


The brand’s strategic deployment of their campaign works to target stakeholder groups through a range of touchpoints across digital, outdoor advertising, activations and public relations. This campaign effectively improved brand awareness in the key markets, resulting in a recognized market position, retention of existing members and growth of new members.
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