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Sencova* is a steel fabricator specialising in structural steel engineering and construction and required a new naming strategy to align their brand with their business. They have been leading industry for more than 35 years and are a trusted force behind some of Australia’s largest and most iconic construction projects.


  • Create a revitalised brand that acknowledges how far they have come as a company, as craftsmen and as industry performers.

  • Create a brand which can stand on its own, with a degree of separation from their sister company Spaceframe, while still being a partner.

  • Honour their heritage that dates back decades, keeping link to their past within the brand transition.
Sencova Steel Fabricators Logo designed by Australian brand agency DAIS

Naming Strategy


Previously ‘Gay Constructions’, the business required a new naming strategy that positioned them as a modern and trusted steel fabrication business with a reputation to deliver excellence. To create a revitalised brand that acknowledged the company history and their expertise as craftsmen, we took their key proposition – steel engineering construction value – to craft the name SENCOVA*.

Sencova asterix brand identity element to align with naming strategy

Visual Identity

Their visual identity was derived from an asterix or star form that was positioned at the end of the Sencova* logo. It was created to be a reflection of the brand’s reputation for delivering star performance, superior quality and safety to every project they encounter.
Sencova brand identity application on brochure
Sencova brand identity application on brochure with imagery
Sencova brand naming strategy applied to corporate collateral


Their collateral reflects their focus on heavy-duty detail, delivering projects that are well-crafted, safe and top quality every time. The visual identity truly is a star performer that we have utilised in a diverse range of ways.
Sencova business cards designed with new brand identity
Sencova brand identity applied to branded letterhead


Sencova* is renowned for quality, safety, performance and value. From design to construction every project is only considered complete when it delivers to Sencova*’s brand promise: *MADE SURE

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