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We, as a studio and as individuals value creativity, individualism, thought-provoking conversations and a challenge.

Jack Perlinski

CEO & Director Brand Strategy

Jodie Perlinski

Director Business Development

Jodie Perlinski - Director Business Development

Karen Moon

Director Brand Implementation

Sarah Raymond

Art Director

Sarah Raymond - Art Director

Alex Wales

Senior Graphic Designer

Mataya Perlinski

Account Manager

Mataya Perlinski - Account Manager

Icey Le

Senior Graphic Designer

Harriet Williams

Marketing Coordinator

Harriet Williams - Digital Marketing Administrator

Jayden Howie

Graphic Designer

Jayden Howie - Graphic Designer

Veronica Makowska

Studio Administrator

Niro Fernando

Finance Manager

Button Perlinski

Director of Greetings

Button Perlinski - Director of Greetings

Our team is a dynamic fusion of personalities and creative energies that work in synergy to present inspiration with consistent creative brilliance.

As a team, we come together through our work and passions we share, injecting inspiration into everyone and everything we touch.

Our team is dedicated, passionate and eager to meet you.

Our Passion Projects

DAIS - Ten Year Project (2010 - 2019) Book Covers

Ten Year Project (2009 – 2019)

The DAIS Book of's Learn more

Ten Year Project (2020 – 2030)

10 Chances for Change Learn more


Are you a specialist looking to partner with a creative agency? Whether it’s photography, animation, UX/UI design or something in between, we’re always open to hearing from you.

Please email us at partner@dais.com.au


Looking to join a team that embraces fresh thinking? Get in touch, we’re open to hearing from you.

Contact us at careers@dais.com.au

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