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Toowong Orthodontics


Toowong Orthodontics approached DAIS with a dated brand identity, unsecured brand identity and name and inconsistency across their branding, communication, and online presence. Taking their existing name we worked with the team to understand the value they deliver to patients and developed a brand strategy and aligning communications strategy to reposition them in the market.


  • Evolve brand identity to create memorable and engaging brand
  • Design distinctive visual mark to secure trademark
  • Develop processes and messaging to build consistent market positioning
  • Create a marketing strategy including digital ad campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive new patient enquiries
Toowong Orthodontics brand identity used in marketing strategy - blue, green, dental asthetic
Toowong Orthodontics brand evolution to new brand identity

Brand strategy

Strategically, we identified the additional time and specialist care Toowong Orthodontics takes with every client and their passion for transforming lives as key philosophies for the brand. We redefined and strengthened the brand voice externally with the articulation of the Care to Smile  promise and internally with the introduction of the brand theme Smile out Loud.

Visual identity

Visually, the colour palette was reinvigorated to reflect the clinic refurbishment style and brighten and refresh the brand. A unique brand DNA and typography were developed to create a distinctive figurative mark, allowing Toowong Orthodontics to lodge and secure their trademark.
Toowong Orthodontics brand photography and signage
Toowong Orthodontics marketing photography young boy with straight teeth
Toowong Orthodontics marketing photography two women who work in orthodontics
Toowong Orthodontics marketing photography young girl with straight teeth
Toowong Orthodontics photography staff member engaging with two young male patients
Toowong Orthodontics corporate collateral design and production
Toowong Orthodontics website design and marketing strategy
Toowong Orthodontics concept brand design marketing strategy

Marketing strategy development

To develop awareness of the Toowong Orthodontics brand in their key markets and drive new patient enquiries, we collaborated with the team on an ongoing basis to develop their marketing strategy. The strategy involved owned media campaigns involving blog posts, website banners, Instagram and Facebook content, email marketing, as well as paid digital campaigns through Google search ads.

Marketing results

As a result of this marketing strategy there was a monthly average increase in website traffic of 20% and a monthly average rise in new website users of 26.89% over 12 months. With an excellent average conversion rate of 5.42% over 12 months the digital ads also worked to attract a significant number of leads via phone calls and web contact forms, resulting in a significant increase in new patients that found the brand via organic and paid Google searches.
Toowong Orthodontics brand graphics, signage and collateral for marketing strategy


As a result of implementing the new brand, Toowong Orthodontics have been able to clearly align and articulate their communication and promote a compelling, contemporary brand which cuts through the market.
Toowong Orthodontics have embraced their new brand wholeheartedly and rolled out the new design and collateral through their entire business from signage to promotional collateral.


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