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  • Established company, recently listed on ASX
  • Rapid growth and global brand acquisitions
  • Lack of structure and convention across brand portfolio
  • Inconsistent brand delivery and positioning externally
  • Disparate internal cultures across the business


  • Develop strategic structures and frameworks to reflect the business strategy and enable Apollo to lead its diverse brand portfolio with clarity and consistency, both internally and externally
  • Strengthen, evolve and protect brand identities, positioning and language
  • Create a layered messaging framework by stakeholder profile
  • Define internal brand culture and develop tools to unite and inspire global employee basis
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Brand strategy

Firstly, classifying and defining brand layers enabled the development of a consistent language and credentialing system across the brand ecosystem. Next, we crafted a unique, ownable identity for the parent brand, which cascaded through the brand hierarchy and integrated with an overall brand positioning.


Visual identity

Harnessing the brand’s inherent passion for adventure in the brand’s visual identity by strengthening the colour palette to reflect energy and vibrancy. In addition, we crafted cleaner, more contemporary identities to evolve the brand’s iconic logo without compromising brand equity.

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Brand culture

To connect the brand’s new positioning and personality to internal stakeholders, the brand needed a unique theme to represent the change. With this intention, we crafted the theme ‘Living Orange’. This theme describes an ‘Apollo way’ and establishes a new internal culture philosophy for the brand globally.


By and large, implementation of the new brand system had the immediate benefit of aligning separate internal cultures to a common theme. Additionally, the refreshed identities were enthusiastically received by Apollo’s extensive employee network at national and global conferences.

As well as this, management and staff from all areas of the business now have a clear understanding of how the brand is represented and what it stands for. In turn, this is driving consistency and building a stronger brand identity with customers, suppliers, stakeholders and industry.

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Apollo Branding Example
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With clear strategies in place for integrating new brands into the Apollo family, and a strong intellectual property framework to protect its brand assets, Apollo is well placed to take advantage of future global growth opportunities.
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