Varria Personal Financial Advisors

By December 15, 2017From the DAIS Studio

Personal Financial Advisory firm, Varria, work with their clients to develop financial disciplines to drive true wealth. In the crowded financial services sector, it can often be hard for companies to distinguish themselves and communicate what makes them different. Varria approached DAIS to develop a new name, brand and structure that would take them forward, enabling them to communicate clearly and effectively.

As we developed the strategy, we identified that many people struggle to engage with and see ‘the truth’ in their financial affairs. Varria helps people look beyond the surface to the truth that lays beneath, liberating opportunity and helping achieve that which is really most valued.

The new brand name was a fusion of two core ideas, the first being that Varria understand the truth behind all the (vari)ables that define wealth, guiding clients by managing these details, and also the fact that a journey is not a destination, you travel (via) many paths along the way.
Vari + via = Varria.

The new logo is derived from a spiral pattern that is taken from nature (it’s the template for plant stem growth), and from mathematical rhythms (the famous Fibonacci sequence) to summarise growth through numbers.

The visual identity took inspiration from the idea of revealing the hidden truths, and we designed hidden messages that “hide” within patterns. The business card, for example, has a message in the that becomes clear when it’s in your hand, but otherwise invisible.