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Bringing brands together under one roof

Cosca knew they wanted to bring four businesses together and DAIS helped them figure out how.

Bringing a business together after significant expansion through acquisitions is a difficult feat, and exactly what Cosca came to DAIS looking for help with. Cosca provided financial services and personal wealth advice through four different companies across Queensland, and wanted to rebrand with one clear direction. DAIS recommended all four entities be absorbed to create one cohesive brand.

“We had four original businesses operating all by themselves and we wanted to bring that all together under one brand and get a bit more of a market position,’ said Mitchell Pratt, Chief Operating Officer. “Originally we went in with no real idea on how to bring all four together.”

Cosca consisted of two accounting firms, one self managed super fund company and a financial planning business, while technically all different, all four companies were focused on advising clients on their finances. To understand the vision, DAIS conducted stakeholder interviews with clients and staff about how they saw the company. “It gave us clarity about how our clients and staff see what we do and by doing that there were the same key themes, it didn’t matter which client it was, there was the same message and that helped us sort of future-proof the brand as well,” Mitchell said. “There were no huge surprises that came from all the digging but gave a lot more clarity about what it is that we do.”

It was by following this process that the decision was made to bring all four brands under one name – Cosca. Bringing the four brands together meant that the business required a new name to operate under. One of the businesses was previously called Coscer. Through the design process and corporate scripting, DAIS came up with the new name Cosca, which stands for Creating Opportunity for Strategically Clear Advantage and maintains the legacy of the former brand.

New brand direct mail piece collateral design to launch new brand

“We brought [DAIS] in to do a brand launch in each of the areas that we operate. The messaging was all relatively consistent. Everyone knew the new Cosca way, but the messaging was tweaked. Previously we struggled to explain who we are and the range of services we deliver. Now we can easily say we are Cosca.” said Mitchell.

“You can tell DAIS have a load of experience in the way they do what they do. That’s why they’ve been doing it for so long. It’s one thing to come up with the creative and story but they really drove the delivery going to market and it exceeded my expectations.”

Mitchell Pratt | Chief Operating Officer, Cosca

Working with Cosca, DAIS developed a launch to market strategy including all relevant collateral for staff, clients, referrers and industry networks. This helped Cosca to best implement their new brand both internally and externally across four different locations and take their clients, staff and referrers on the brand journey to understand that although the brand may be changing, the company values and team remain the same.

Mitchell believes that following the rebrand, teams have been brought closer together and there’s been a cultural shift. “Cosca’s way of doing business is giving authentic advice that should empower you to do whatever you want to do in your life,” he said.

Cosca new brand identity after bringing brands together strategy

The new brand has been launched and the work in getting their new name out there has begun. “Now, we’ve launched the brand but it’s a matter of getting us wider known outside of where we were. It’s exciting,” said Mitchell. “We’re in a strong position to grow, whether that’s additional services to our clients or through further acquisitions and rolling out the Cosca way of doing business.”

DAIS continues to consult with Cosca on its marketing strategy, both physical and digital, as well as to map out consumer touch points so that they can achieve more milestones as they grow.

See the full Cosca case study here.

Have an acquisition strategy that needs to be aligned under one cohesive brand? Talk brand strategy with us here.

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