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Turning branding on its head

Focusing on what NOFOMO isn’t defined what the fitness studio is.

In a world full of fitspo, athleisure wear and exercise ego, the brief for NOFOMO – New Fitness Movement – was to create a kick ass and scalable fitness brand that cuts through the cluttered fitness industry, and uncover a business that stands for being more than just a gym.

For many, a HIIT style gym traditionally conjures the image of perfectly sculpted gym bunnies in skin-tight lycra, huge egos, and being forced into embarrassing photo shoots. While this may be a sweeping generalisation, it’s one that many people share. And it could be enough to put swathes of would-be customers off the idea of trying out a new studio.

But for the founders of NOFOMO, who had seen first hand the damage toxic fitness culture can have, it was important to use their business to change the reputation of harsh comparisons, pressure and expectations. With a strong vision in mind, DAIS was appointed to bring the three business partners’ unique and bold voices into one brand.

For DAIS, launching a new business entering the cluttered fitness market was about what the business isn’t, compared with what it is. Turning branding on its head by using the negative to define the positive was the strategy used to create a philosophy-focused story for NOFOMO. By listening to and understanding the vision for NOFOMO, which was helping gym-goers not feel like they were missing out and encouraging people to train the way they want, helped create the brand in unexpected ways. It drove the brand identity as a dynamic and bold call to action and combined with ‘new fitness movement’ delivers a statement, helping the business claim its own position in the market.

The strong design focus – a neon green and pink palette balanced with black and white – gives the brand depth and strength. The three icons of a shoe, a lightning bolt and “sign of the horns” hand gesture can be used as tags, or stickers, and helps build community pride and support for the business. This paired with branded ‘NOFOMO’ tape cuts through the ‘BS’ of the fitness industry.

Using the identity of the brand to call out poor practices in the fitness industry, NOFOMO has become an authentic and inclusive voice, and sets itself apart as a business with a heart that encourages positive body image. NOFOMO has also developed partnerships with local sporting teams to support the community and attract teenage and young adult members who resonate with the philosophy rather than to more traditional gyms in the market.

The name NOFOMO means that you’re never going to feel like you’re missing out. The gym is open 24/7 and access to the studio takes place with just a phone. The NOFOMO Fit App is the mothership to all its operations, delivering daily workouts at midnight, ready for the next morning. Each workout is efficient and effective, lasting just 28 minutes. The studios are decked out with warm up and cool down screens, heart rate tech and timer clocks that sync with the app.

On top of that, joining NOFOMO means becoming a member of much more than a fitness studio. The business makes a difference with local communities through the Green Shoe Foundation, which was set up by NOFOMO founders to give back. $1 per week for every active member is donated to the foundation, which provides resources to communities in need. It enables and empowers children to ensure they have every opportunity to participate in physical activity and lead a healthy lifestyle. This assistance may be in the form of sporting equipment, cash contributions, manpower to coordinate sporting activities or educational content.

It was also a requirement that the brand was built with a franchise model in mind. DAIS ensured that NOFOMO’s bold branding and clear identity could be easily replicated. It creates a solid system for consistently presenting and communicating NOFOMO’s business proposition to its target clientele, franchisees and investors alike. Within four months of launching, NOFOMO secured its first franchisee. The concept, philosophy and ethos of the brand have been key drivers in attracting potential franchisees.

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NOFOMO is a brand that stands for being more than just a gym and has successfully positioned itself as a maverick in the industry. Since its launch, the brand has successfully expanded with a number of new franchises and continues to grow with the recognisable NOFOMO brand front and centre.

See the full NOFOMO case study here.

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