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5 reasons every business needs a brand promise

Can you communicate the value you deliver to your people, your customers, and your market in a simple line? That’s where a brand promise comes in.

Many businesses struggle to clearly explain who they are, what they do and why they do it before their customer, supplier, candidate or investor loses interest, or is lost in too much technical jargon. It is difficult to explain to others the value you deliver in a way that is easily understood and connects to a range of stakeholders. A strong brand promise will help you land that sales opportunity and build the right perception in the minds of potential customers.


What is brand promise?

Essentially a brand promise is your positioning and the value you deliver to every stakeholder. It connects ‘who’ you are and the promise you make to your market in a way that creates positive disruption and touches every aspect of your business.

It should be something that is so important to you as a brand that if you don’t deliver, it hurts your bottom line. A strong brand promise must also be measurable and meaningful as it will underpin your ‘why’ and value to stakeholder – it’s difficult to create, but very powerful when it’s done right.

The more a company can deliver on their promise, the stronger the brand value in the mind of customers and employees.

Our brand promise at DAIS is elevating brands. For our clients this means we elevate their brand with everything we do, whether it is a full rebrand project, a corporate brochure, or a business card. For our team, this is what we strive to do every day, as well as elevate the personal brands of each other. We want to elevate every brand.


Why it’s important for every business

1. Organisational clarity

Much like a mission and vision, a brand promise creates clarity across an entire organisation about the value you deliver and gives team members something to connect with to benchmark their performance. With a strong brand promise everyone in the organisation is striving for the same thing, and it’s clear when this is not achieved.

2. Measured performance

What is it worth if it’s not measured? We are passionate about building brands as a valuable asset to deliver a return on investment. A brand promise should be so connected to your business that it can be measured to determine your success in delivering on it and your financial returns, as discussed in The Wall Street Journal. This way it is truly ingrained in the DNA of your business, your people and your product or service delivery.

3. Ignite internal team

Brands are built from within organisations and a memorable brand promise will be embraced by employees. By being clear about your brand’s passions and connecting it to collective values, it will help ignite internal stakeholders and create a shared success and drive innovation from within your business, as well are build your employer brand.

4. Strong stakeholder connection

If a brand can understand and connect to the true voice of their stakeholder group, then they will be more able to connect that to their brand promise, to build a bridge from the brand to the desires of their external stakeholder community.

It will also set a performance expectation with your customers and when broken it can impact your reputation and market share. Neilsen discusses that consumers are looking for this connect and brand that deliver on their promise will yield an overall improvement in ROI.

The more you can set the right expectations through a brand promise and delivery on that, you will create brand advocates from within your organisation and strong relationships with your customers.

5. Differentiate from your competitors

It’s also about being different and delivering the unanticipated. Differentiating your brand from competitors requires a brand promise that is both unique in the market and captures the true value of your business. Typically, our clients not only own the trademark of their brand name, but their brand promise – that’s how unique, important, and valuable it is to their business.


A brand promise is one of the core elements that come together to build a strong brand identity and valuable brand strategy.

Building brands is our passion and when we create the perfect brand promise for our clients that inspires both their team and their customers, that’s when we know we’ve delivered on our brand promise – elevating brands.

Want to elevate your brand? We’re ready to chat, so connect with us here.


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