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Spaceframe provides innovative and effective design and construct solutions. They bring together all the core disciplines needed for a successful build under one roof. Their team delivers all the components of a project – from design through to completion – providing their clients with a level of control and project management capability that is unmatched by any of their competitors. They have a unique model, and use flexible thinking to achieve high quality project delivery, within a fraction of the timeframe traditionally required.

“After the presentation our staff were all chatting about the rebrand. They decided they just loved Jack, and think he’s fabulous! Since then we’ve rolled out a lot of the other tools recommended in the strategy, and ‘The Spaceframe Way’ has now become the standard catchcry for all our staff – everyone uses it daily. It’s becoming second nature to everyone. The drive, belief and passion of everyone at DAIS has helped us achieve this unified approach, articulating what we do in a way our people and our market understand, allowing us to continue to focus on what we do best.”

Jane Raspotnik, Director – Administration


Spaceframe’s brand journey began 2006, when they approached DAIS to create a strategy to help position them as leaders in the design and construct industry.The initial rebrand helped Spaceframe achieve this recognition by enabling them to take a cohesive and consistent approach to marketing their brand.

In 2011, Spaceframe returned to DAIS to help them reach new markets and build a long-term industry profile.DAIS created new brand language to reflect Spaceframe’s unique way of working, including a new brand promise and brand theme.

The brand promise, “Better Everything”, is a bold claim for any business to make, but one that Spaceframe lives up to every day, in everything they deliver.

The brand theme, “The Spaceframe Way”, reflects the way Spaceframe does business, based on their years of experience and high level of expertise.


DAIS created a new suite of collateral, to better communicate Spaceframe’s point of difference to their ever-broadening market. These materials were targeted specifically to the different sectors that Spaceframe works with – mining, warehousing, manufacturing, food processing and retail.

The collateral developed included brochures, a project profile template, and an all-new website, all of which help reinforce Spaceframe’s capabilities across multiple sectors. DAIS also provided recommendations to broaden Spaceframe’s marketing mix, enabling them to maximise their industry exposure and find new ways to promote their high standard of work. This included identifying opportunities for industry award nominations, and opportunities to speak at leading industry events.


The new brand was launched to Spaceframe’s staff with an inspiring team presentation, presented by Jack. The brand’s immediate resonance with staff was palpable; “The Spaceframe Way” was something people responded to, as it provided them with a simple and meaningful way to have conversations around the way they work.

Two new feature walls were installed in the Spaceframe office to coincide with the launch, creating opportunities for new conversations with clients, and providing positive reinforcement to staff for their achievements.

DAIS helped embed brand marketing behaviours across the business by creating a simple system to help reinforce Spaceframe’s brand promise at key touchpoints with stakeholders. By visually mapping these brand behaviours, DAIS helped empower Spaceframe’s people to make the most of every opportunity, and to encourage conversations about the Spaceframe way.


DAIS is continuing to work with Spaceframe to drive brand innovation, and find new ways to manage strategic success. A series of advertorial pieces has been created to reinforce Spaceframe’s association with high-profile clients including Santos, OneSteel and the Salvation Army.

These high-impact double page spreads break out of the box of traditional advertising by highlighting the expertise of Spaceframe’s clients, rather than directly promoting Spaceframe’s own business. The advertorials have been designed to appear in industry publications such as the Master Builder magazine, to help build Spaceframe’s profile as a leading innovator, and the provider of choice by the best of the best.



4 projects nominated for the Queensland Master Builders Housing and Construction Awards
Increase in morale following the rebrand
Increase in productivity, as a cohesive approach to marketing is adopted
Brand language embraced across the entire team

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