InspireMe Series: GingerCloud Foundation

By December 21, 2017From the DAIS Studio

Each year we donate our time and expertise to support and develop the brands of various charity groups and organisations. It’s always been important to us that we give back to those who support others, providing a positive contribution that creates lasting impacts within our communities. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with groups such as Multicap, DanDaLion and many others.

A couple of years ago we worked with the Elliott family to develop the GingerCloud Foundation brand, an organisation with a vision to create a life without limitations for children with learning and perceptual disabilities. Since the establishment of the brand, the GingerCloud Foundation has gone on to develop initiatives such as the Modified Rugby Program which has made an incredible difference in the lives of hundreds of families in our communities.

This video brings to life the brand development process behind the project, and showcases the incredible impact GingerCloud has gone on to deliver.