Hillhouse Legal Partners

Hillhouse Legal Partners is a firm of astute and experienced legal practitioners with a commercial edge. Established in 1991, for nearly 30 years they have been helping clients across Australia understand and navigate the law.

The company had built a strong reputation in the market as Hillhouse Burrough McKeown. While this identity had served them well over the years, their accomplishments, capabilities and vision transcended the original brands positioning.

DAIS worked to develop a new name, brand and identity that would contemporise and clarify their identity and positioning whilst still honouring their heritage and valuable existing equity. The brand refresh sees their name change from Hillhouse Burrough McKeown to simply Hillhouse Legal Partners.

During the project, a core concept that became clear was the idea of simplicity. Hillhouse Legal Partners look at matters differently, using their expertise to cut through the clutter to find the most optimum point of simplicity. This enables them to approach matters confidently, by seeing the big picture from a strategic vantage point, holistically evaluating the legal matter at hand before building a smarter path to reach the desired outcome.

This concept of simplicity been built into their brand promise “simply strategic” as well as visualised in their new identity by the cut and yellow dash through the logo that also reflects this process and the defined path the firm takes to deliver optimised solutions.

The visual identity illustrates their process, transitioning or filtering from the complex clutter on the left to the single most optimised approach for the matter at hand represented by a single yellow square.

Hillhouse’s refreshed brand begins an exciting new phase for the firm, providing a real momentum and allowing them to take on the future confidently.