DAIS Star Brand Wins National Award

By September 9, 2013Clients in the media

Evocca College

Congratulations to Evocca College.

There is a new brand in town. ACPET: National VET Provider of the year.

Two years ago the Evocca brand didn’t even exist. Last week Evocca took out the award recognising it as a leader in the field of Vocational Education and Training. Beating many others in the VET sector and Evocca has set new brand action benchmarks that others will value and adopt to maintain their own market share.

Evocca’s mission was to build a brand that would enable it: To be seen as Australia’s leading RTO… they can tick that one off their to do list. The Evocca story shows the power of investing in brand as a growth asset to compete with and lead the pack. Their “BRAND” is their secret weapon and they have launched it to disrupt the three accepted channels of market action whilst building a strong brand culture from within.

1. The Brand Culture: Evocca have invested deeply in their employer brand position.

2. The Brand Relationship: Evocca has tuned its actions to the desire of its client and speaks straight to them.

3. The Brand Personality: Evocca has positively disrupted the market and the industry in which it exists, in turn being noticed as a leader beyond the norm.

The effort Evocca has made to define, align, inspire and sustain its brand values is paying dividends not only in growth as they open 18 new campuses across Australia, but in strong returns to owners that will secure their brand’s growth for years to come.

“I just wanted to tell you that the Evocca branding and the behaviour we have driven behind it has been to my mind, the conduit and voice for me to communicate our direction to our team and the market.” Robert Gordon CEO Evocca College.

A great brand success story that is helping Australia to… learn to achieve, in business and through education with integrity.  Visit Evocca College at www.evoccacollege.com.au