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Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.
Abbreviation of Fear Of Missing Out


a new fitness movement

NO Fear Of Missing Out on social media updates as you’re the one doing awesome things in life. It’s about shaking off the insecurities and being authentic.

NOFOMO - New Fitness Movement logo- unique brand identity

Brand identity & campaign language

We wanted to create a kick ass cut-through unique brand identity that differentiates in a cluttered fitness market; a brand that stands for more than just a gym and is a maverick in the industry.

We used campaign language like NO ‘Hollywood’, No Gym Selfies and NO Insta-girls to represent less of the bad stuff and more of the good. It’s all the things that NOFOMO isn’t, this makes them who they are. By activating transparency, cutting through the BS and social media fakery to deliver real fitness experiences for real people. 

NOFOMO brand identity creates a solid system for presenting and consistently communicating their business proposition to target their market as well as franchisees and investors. Doing all the work with memberships, fit outs and leases, to provide a low maintenance business with high return investment opportunity. 

NOFOMO Branding example
NOFOMO colour palette-unique brand identity
NOFOMO Branding example

Colour Palette

A neon green and pink colour palette balanced with black, white and texture, gives the brand depth and strength. This is also shown throughout their 24/7 studio making you feel energised and alive.

Icons work as tags/stickers to build community support while branded tape works to call out the BS in the industry.

Three screenshots of NOFOMO Instagram posts- unique brand identity
NOFOMO green shoe foundation key chain- unique brand identity
NOFOMO Branded water bottle
NOFOMO Branded merchandise- unique brand identity
Screenshot of NOFOMO Instagram profile page- unique brand identity



NOFOMO now has a unique brand identity that is authentic with a real heart, promoting positive movement and giving back to community through their foundation, ‘The Green Shoe Foundation’. This foundation was established by NOFOMO in line with one of the core pillars of the brand ‘to give back’.
With their new brand, NOFOMO opened their first location in 2020 and currently has three franchise locations with more to come!
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