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Spaceframe required a brand strategy to position them as leaders in both design and construction industries, to reach new markets and build an established and recognised industry profile.


  1. Establish engaging and competitive brand positioning to reflect value proposition
  2. Develop brand language and messaging to articulate the brand’s competitive advantage clearly to the market
  3. Define a ‘Spaceframe way’ to inspire an internal brand culture and engage a range of external stakeholders
  4. Craft marketing materials to disrupt the market and attract clients across a range of sectors
Spaceframe - Case study infographic

Evolved was crafted to communicate the brand’s value and positioning to all stakeholders as experts in both construction and design. It can be adapted to industry sectors to build profile and awareness of Spaceframe’s value offerings in specific markets.

Spaceframe - Smart Cover

Smart Cover was introduced as a unique sales proposition and quality guarantee, based on the brand’s 5 year on-site inspection program that ensures from the roof to the foundations, their clients are covered.

Spaceframe - Case Study

Award-winning Direct Marketing Piece

The Spaceframe drone was a high end and disruptive direct marketing piece, awarded a Silver National Print Award and a Gold Queensland Printing Industry Creativity Award in 2019. It was a powerful tool designed to prompt prospects to think about their facility from a different view and inspire them with potential improvements Spaceframe could deliver. The personalised packaging featured an exterior casing, internal sleeve and belly band and was supported with case study booklets and branded drone label stickers, to deliver a direct marketing piece like no other.
Spaceframe - Packaging example
Spaceframe - Packaging example
Spaceframe - Packaging example
Spaceframe - Packaging example

The Spaceframe way

The Spaceframe Way was introduced to align the team internally to a benchmark standard, giving them a way to explain the way they work and external stakeholders a clear way to understand the value the brand will deliver. To explain the Spaceframe Way, the promise statement better everything was created and implemented across all business and marketing behaviours to reinforce this promise at key touchpoints with stakeholders.
Spaceframe - Case Study infographic
Spaceframe - Case Study infographic
Spaceframe - Case study infographic

Better everything

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Spaceframe - Case study


“The Spaceframe Way” has now become the standard catchcry for all our staff – everyone uses it daily. It’s becoming second nature to everyone. The drive, belief and passion of everyone at DAIS has helped us achieve this unified approach, articulating what we do in a way our people and our market understand, allowing us to continue to focus on what we do best.”

Jame Raspotnik, Director – Administration Spaceframe

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