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Brand evolution for a well-established Australian brand and national manufacturer, SPITWATER. In conjunction with an extensive business transformation, SPITWATER required a brand strategy that would future proof their ability to be agile and innovate to meet changing market opportunities. The new brand also needed to respect, capture, and celebrate their 40 year brand legacy and rich family history.


Stakeholder engagement

Through workshops and interviews we worked with the SPITWATER stakeholders and their business consultants to build a future proofed brand strategy that would drive their new business direction.


  1. Pay respects to the brand history and the tenacity of the Martinotti family.
  2. Establish an architecture of entity and product positioning that allows for product diversification and market share growth.
  3. Clarify ‘who’ they are and claim a brand market position with a new visual identity.
  4. Reignite culture and network engagement to expand market and customer share.
  5. Create a new entity brand that will bring together their ever-diversifying product lines, service offerings, distributor and dealer network.

Brand identity development

Bringing the Martinotti family legacy of passion and persistence together with SPITWATER’s reputation and culture as a high quality manufacture, confidently striving for best-in-class performance. Two linking graphic elements represent these core foundations of SPITWATER and are built into the new brand logo and visual DNA.

DAIS ‘got it’ and everything they have done for us including logo redesign, storyboard, word usage, brand promise, photography, style guide, numerous brand assets and even a new name for our 40 year old factory, have all been 100% on point.

Prue Martinotti | General Manager, SPITWATER Australia

New entity brand Ottico by Brisbane brand agency DAIS

New name creation

The new entity brand needed to represent the Martinotti family history while capturing SPITWATER’s existing company culture and reputation. The result is ‘OTTICO’, a brand identity that achieves the diverse project objectives while claiming a market position for future growth.
Brand promise tough + ready

Brand positioning

To strengthen the new brand identity, we crafted the brand promise ‘Tough + Ready’. Constructed to communicate the resilience and performance, and the value and quality of their products, carving out a unique competitive advantage in the market.

Product naming strategy

With a new entity brand, we restructured the brand architecture to transition SPITWATER into distributor and product brand. From the name SPITWATER, we developed a product naming convention of two-part names that could be used across their existing and future product ranges.
Corporate collateral design and production

Credentialling strategy

A credentialling and brand transition strategy were developed to take stakeholders successfully and sustainably on the brand transition journey. The credentialing structure leverages the brand equity of SPITWATER, while creating a perception and awareness of the new OTTICO brand and offerings.

Brand personality and campaign

The campaign ‘Working, since 1982’ creates an authentic and proud brand personality, strengthening their well-established reputation while aligning with their new brand identity.

The design was outstanding and due to its respect for the legacy and the anticipated future as part of a business transformation enable degrees of freedom from the owners to really suggest an exciting rebranding opportunity.

Greg Loudoun | Founder & CEO, Acumen International, SPITWATER Business Consultant

Read full review, here.

Campaign collateral and production


A future-proofed and extensive brand strategy that evolved the visual identities, created a new entity brand, and restructured their brand architecture to align to their business strategy. SPITWATER are now ready to launch their new brand and business direction with a reenergised focus and drive.
We also created a brand implementation strategy and creative assets to successfully roll out and launch their new brand and transition their internal team, distributors, dealers and end users to the new brand. From employee engagement, photography, brand launch campaigns, and building signage to extensive digital, print, and corporate collateral design and production.

We trust them with our brands and are continually learning from them as well. We have a brand new look that is world class and something we are extremely proud of. Hugely happy to be associated and connected with them.

Prue Martinotti | General Manager, SPITWATER Australia

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