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Mel – Pro Bono Passion Project

pro bono project by australian brand agency DAIS

2020 Partner

10 Chances for Change is DAIS’ pro bono passion project, where every year for 10 years we work with a new brand that has the potential to change the world. Using our skills and expertise we help amplify brands that are charging ahead and creating change that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. See more

Mel’s UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Good Health and Well-Being
  • Gender Equality
  • Reduced Inequalities

2020 Theme: Empowering local people to solve local issues with international consequences.

quote from Mel co-founder Nicolette Minnie about experience with DAIS

Their story

Mel Founders, Nicolette and Ruth, wanted to make a difference in the lives of women and mothers in both the first and third world and came to DAIS with an idea that could change the world.

First World

As women and mothers themselves they know that the mental load of being a mum is overwhelming, let alone also being a wife, a boss, a colleague and a friend. 65% of women do more than 5 hours of household work per week, compared to 38% of men. Nicolette and Ruth wanted to develop a digital PA app to help mums carry the mental load and give back to developing nations by helping to address gender inequality.

Third World

After living in South Africa, it was clear to Nicolette and Ruth that becoming a mum in the third world was not always a joyous occasion. A lack of education about contraception and widespread poverty means motherhood can be an unwanted experience that brings enormous challenges of finding food, basic healthcare and shelter for another person. Rotavirus is responsible for approximately 40% of all mortality in children in South Africa younger than 5 years. Part of Mel’s profits go towards sending mums in Africa timely text messages in their native language to remind them of upcoming vaccination and contraception appointments.

The impact

Mel is a profit for purpose business that aims to reduce the mental load of women in first and third world counties, catering to the needs, wants and necessities of women in these differing communities. If this initiative and business model can be proven in South Africa, it has the opportunity to expand its reach into other markets where there is a proven need – making a positive impact on these communities and changing the world for the better.


  • Retain original brand name and develop scripting around the brand to communicate its unique selling point
  • Establish a tone of voice and brand personality that resonates with a range of stakeholder profiles
  • Develop a strategy to tie in the brand mission to the day to day users of the Mel application
  • Clarify brand architecture to enable future endeavours
Brand identity for tech start-up for women Mel

Brand positioning

The Mel brand is positioned as a personal assistant, taking the project management element of day-to-day lives and redefining it for a new generation. To further establish a distinct brand identity and clearly communicate to a range of stakeholders, we created engaging brand language and messaging. Life.sorted operates as the technical descriptor and brand promise, giving the brand clarity to communicate to their key markets.
business streams for tech start up Mel

Business streams

Creating two business streams life sorted | life supported explains the profit for purpose business model, running one arm of the business to support the other. This structure gives the brand a clear way to differentiate between the two streams, while explaining their benefit and how they work together.
sales script and diagram to explain profit for purpose business Mel
old brand identity vs new brand identity by DAIS brand agency

Logo evolution

Working with the original swan logo, we evolved it to a refined graphic with a waterline to represent the way many women feel about acting put together and calm above water, but underneath frantically paddling to stay afloat. Pushing the logo beyond a simple icon and into a strong corporate identity with a distinct brand story and personality.

Campaign voice

Relatable and identifiable brand personality, story and campaigns were crafted to build a social community and resonate with investors and target markets. MELiving, MELoving, MELaughing embodies the mission of the brand and works across both business streams to highlight how women in these different communities can be empowered with Mel. ‘Mel Moments’ functions as a social media campaign to build awareness, connection and a relationship with their key customers.
campaign and brand voice development


collateral design and production of investor document for start up

Brand Project Outcomes

With an evolved brand identity, structured brand map and highly engaging brand personality and campaigns, Mel now has the best chance to source investors, launch into the market and empower women in the first and third world. Ultimately, they have the best chance to change the world.

As part of this project, we worked with the Mel team to create an investor document and launch to market strategy. Nicolette and Ruth are now ready to bring their idea to life.

It’s been an absolute honour and privilege to have DAIS invest in us and knowing that I can phone them whenever I need and to have that sounding board from someone who is invested in your success,

Nicolette Minnie Co-Founder Mel
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Securing investors

In 2021, Mel secured key investor funding which helped them to progress the development of the Mel app. Now, they are beta testing the app, starting to build and attract an online community and undergoing a round of capital raising, with an expected launch to market in 2022.

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