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Their passion

In 2014 Megan and Anthony Elliott founded GingerCloud to create a community where their son Max, and every other girl, boy or young adult with learning and perceptual disabilities could feel safe and secure, be understood and experience real success. A place where the community would look for and experience what they can do, rather than focus on their disability and what they can’t do.


Their purpose

GingerCloud aims to remove the barriers experienced by young people with Autism, Asperger’s and other learning and perceptual disabilities, so they can live their best life.

Gingercloud brand identity designed by Brisbane branding agency DAIS pro bono project

Our objective

As a DAIS pro bono branding project, we wanted to build a brand that had an agenda for change and would help Megan and Anthony make a real impact on the community. The charity was founded as a result of the Elliott family’s personal experience, so it was important that the brand captured their story and connected them to their new brand.

The idea & naming strategy

The brand idea blossomed from a special story Megan and Anthony shared about their son Max, who has a learning and perceptual disability. As the parents of a child that is non-verbal, the day Max asked for a gingerbread man and an apple juice was momentous and became an important part of their brand story. Using their past experiences with their son, like the gingerbread story, combined with their future vision to create fields of possibilities for people like Max, we crafted the name GingerCloud. The cloud concept was also inspired by blue sky thinking and the idea that there are no limits to what is possible. Their new brand name encapsulated their story and created an emotional connection to the brand.

Gingercloud brand colour palette

Brand mission

To drive awareness and connect with a broad market, the brand’s mission needed to be focused, easily understood, and capture their core purpose. GingerCloud is supporting families to live their dreams.

Technical descriptor developed as part of Brisbane branding agency DAIS pro bono project

Technical descriptor

GingerCloud is a foundation that provides support for families and empowers them to not only visualise but experience the life they dream of. The technical descriptor Envisioning Foundation established the brand’s positioning and communicates their passion for creating the possibilities families and communities envision.

Young person with learning and perceptual disability succeeding at life through Modified Rugby Program
Brand promise developed for Brisbane brand agency DAIS pro bono project

Brand promise

It was integral for this brand to connect with a range of community members to drive participation, involvement, and support. The positioning and language needed to have a broad market appeal, be welcoming and make the community and those involved feel valued. As a result, we crafted the brand promise Everyone.Together.

Sub-brand development

As an extension of the GingerCloud brand, we crafted the Modified Rugby Program which provides people with Autism, Aspergers and other learning and perceptual disabilities a home in community rugby clubs. This brand simply modifies the sport of Rugby, so they can succeed without limitations.


With a clear brand structure and a story behind the brand that the founders can take ownership of, GingerCloud successfully launched into the Brisbane market and are now a leading foundation in this space. The Modified Rugby Program is also highly successful across a wide range of sporting clubs across Queensland and the ACT. GingerCloud has impacted so many kids and young adults by helping them live out their dreams and feel like they belong. Hear more about this pro bono project from Megan from GingerCloud and DAIS Founder, Jack in this video.

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