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Sarz Sanctuary

Their Story

Sarz Sanctuary is a not-for-profit brand founded by Julie and Mark Wallace, who tragically lost their 21-year-old daughter, Sara, in the London Bridge and Borough Street Markets terror attack in 2017.

In 2018 Julie and Mark decided to dedicate their lives to helping and supporting others who are grieving from the traumatic loss of a loved one. So, they started Sarz Sanctuary to provide grief support through access to programs, services and fundraising through events.

Julie and Mark approached DAIS in 2020 to evolve, realign and create the brand strategy foundations for Sarz Sanctuary. This project focused on both establishing the foundations for future growth and expansion, and clarifying the brand positioning.

Our Objectives

  1. Retain existing equity while creating a brand identity that aligns to future business strategy.
  2. Evolve brand architecture to create and establish the core brand, sub brand & personal brand structures.
  3. Develop clarity around brand identity to scale and deepen the connection to stakeholders.
  4. Evolve and strengthen corporate identity structures to establish greater brand retention as a not-for-profit brand and build equity.
  5. Evolve and develop a distinctive visual identity that can be effectively used across all marketing collateral.
Quote about grief and life from Julie Wallace founder of Sarz Sanctuary
Quote about grief and hope from past President of South Africa Nelson Mandela

Brand architecture

Firstly, the brand architecture evolved to establish a core corporate brand, sub-brands and connect to the personal brands of Julie and Mark. Next, we developed naming conventions and a brand credentialing system. As a result stakeholders have a clear understanding of the brands and how they connect and work together. Also, these elements work together to highlight the relationships between the core, sub and personal brands and create greater brand retention and equity.
Brand identity for not-for-profit brand Sarz Sanctuary's traumatic grief program.
Brand identity for Sarz Sanctuary's not-for-profit foundation brand Sarz Spirit Foundation

Not-for-profit positioning

Sarz Sanctuary remains as the corporate brand name while the technical descriptor, traumatic grief guidance, explains who the brand is and what they do. In addition, the corporate brand solution streams strengthen the brand’s positioning, showing stakeholders their benefits and services.


We worked with Julie and Mark to craft new names and brand identities for the foundation and program sub-brands. Firstly, the not-for-profit foundation brand evolved to the Sarz Spirit Foundation. This is to reflect how Sara’s spirit underpins and leads the foundation’s work in supporting people. Secondly, we crafted the Help to Heal program brand to clearly highlight  the value of the program. Specifically, helping people on their journey to healing after the traumatic loss of a loved one. Lastly, the program’s solution streams, mind | body | spirit | soul,  express the holistic nature of the program.


The brand’s new identity involves an updated primary colour palette and the introduction of a secondary colour palette. Additionally, the new brand logo includes a refreshed brand icon, using a gradient, and a kind, emotive brand font. Identities for the Sarz Spirit Foundation and Help to Heal Program are separate to the core brand. However using the same colour palette and font, are recognised as part of the Sarz Sanctuary brand family.
App design using brand identity visual elements


Overall, with a clear brand architecture and positioning, Sarz Sanctuary are able to establish a strong position as a not-for-profit brand, expand their services and grow their reach to help as many people as possible. DAIS continues to work with Sarz Sanctuary on the rollout of their brand and other brand projects.


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Visual brand credential, remembering Sarz, used for not-for-profit brand Sarz Sanctuary

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