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Webgate is a financial technology business that was looking to evolve their existing brand positioning and create a new product brand to help them secure new partnership and investment opportunities. DAIS worked with them to develop their brand map and craft new brand names, brand identities and brand positioning.


  1. Develop a distinct product brand identity and brand positioning for a new economy brand.
  2. Develop a brand strategy to accurately reflect the business ecosystem and different levels of branding.
  3. Represent the business philosophy of simplification through the visual identity and brand language.
  4. Establish a trusted brand which generates partnerships and investment.
Brand animation of new brand identity, brand positioning and brand strategy for Webgate tech

Brand architecture

Webgate is a multi-layered business with parent, sub and product brands that were distilled into a clear brand architecture.
Webgate is the overarching parent brand, offering e-commerce solutions for online payments. The Webgate brand is also used for their technology solution that provides a payment gateway for digital and immediate transactions. To differentiate these two brands, we used different technical descriptors in the architecture: e-commerce solutions and payment gateway. A new product brand Nexxtap was also developed for their merchant payment app that uses the Webgate payment technology.
Mock up design of black on black office signage for Webgate tech new brand
Graphic of how to use brand icon for brand positioning which reads making your payments easy

Brand identity

Using the shapes of the ‘tap on card’ technology, we crafted a simple and clean parent brand identity, incorporating recognisable diamond and circle graphics that could also be used as a linking device across the brand portfolio. Additionally, these graphic elements separate two independent clauses, in the same way a gateway can.

Custom graphics were also developed to illustrate the brand’s services and strengthen the overall brand identity across various marketing materials.

Webgate new brand identity and positioning in their brand map

Brand positioning

The brand promise making online payments easy, clearly positions Webgate and Nexxtap as financial technology brands that provide seamless payment solutions, enabling stakeholders to instantly understand the core benefit of their solutions.
Webgate payment gateway brand logo
Nexxtap merchant payment app brand logo
Person tapping credit card on smart phone to demonstrate 'payment gateway' technology


Using Webgate technology, the Nexxtap app turns a smart phone or tablet into a secure payment terminal. Customers simply use their card and tap it on the glass of a phone or tablet to pay – it’s that easy and flexible.

Campaign & brand positioning language

To position the brand’s new identity to the specific target audiences, bold and engaging brand campaign language was introduced. ‘Tap into the future’ was designed to speak to investors looking for the next innovative ‘fintech’ business. This positioning also plays on the language of ‘Tap into the benefits’ and their technology of tapping a card on a phone or tablet for seamless payment.
Branded social media collateral for Webgate tech brand that reads tap into the future of payment
Mockup design of apple watch application
Social media collateral design for Webgate tech brand that reads we don't use tech, we live tech
Video of webgate website design that shows new brand positioning


With a simplified brand architecture and new brand positioning, Webgate is ready to attract partners and investors to grow its business.  As well as the brand strategy, DAIS designed a full suite of corporate collateral, sales tools and a website to bring the brand to life.
Looking to expand your business, but need new brand identities and a resolved brand structure? We are a specialist branding agency based in Brisbane with expertise in brand, strategy, digital and marketing. So, get in touch and let’s solve together.

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