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Technology services business, Centra, had a dated and unowned brand identity. So, they required a trademark strategy and brand refresh to establish clear brand positioning and leverage their brand equity.


  • Create a unique, recognizable and ownable entity, building on existing brand equity.
  • Establish brand personality and language which articulates the value proposition and team culture to express expertise.
  • Consolidate brand collateral and create impact with consistent branded suite.
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Brand positioning

Firstly, to leverage existing brand equity and strengthen value, Centra remained the brand name. Next, we recrafted Centra’s descriptor to Business Imperative Technology to position them as masters of technologies at the centre of every business. Also, this plays on the tech term ‘BIT’ to create a witty, engaging brand personality and language. For example BIT Solutions (service delivery) and BIT Masters (Employees).

IT mastered circular diagram to explain their new brand positioning

Brand Culture

The brand promise ‘IT mastered’, and benchmark standard, ‘digital mastery’, function as service standards internally as well as language devices externally. Moreover, this brand positioning language operates across all brand behaviours and marketing collateral.

Visual Identity

We revitalised the visual identity by introducing a bright neon green as a nod to digital and pixel imagery and paired it with a dark charcoal. As a result, this created impact across the logo, brand and marketing collateral and signage.

Centra logo on white background which includes new brand positioning
Bright green dotted circle with bright green dotted arrow pointing downwards in the middle

A Binary Digit;
The fundamental
unit of digital.

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Bright green dotted cloud
Bright green dotted arrows
Six bright green network thumbnails on black background
Open book about technology done in new brand collateral design


Our team worked closely with Centra to launch the revitalised brand internally, ensuring all staff were fully motivated and onboard. In addition, the brand positioning and visual identity are now across the business, from office signage and street marketing to uniforms and their website.

Since this project, we have continued to work with Centra to design, write and implement their entire suite of collateral. As well as to develop a comprehensive Brand Behaviour Manual to guide the whole team in living the brand through every interaction with clients and suppliers.

Centra IT solutions street view of business

Overall Centra is well positioned for their business future with a new brand which articulates their value proposition and positioning. As a result, creating a strong, ownable and engaging brand identity.

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