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Nexacu had reached a point in their business evolution where the existing name, Excel Consulting, and brand were limiting their ability to expand and position the business to reach full potential. With a dated and unowned brand identity, the brand required a trademarking strategy and rebrand to establish a clear market position and leverage their brand equity.



  • Create a unique, recognisable and ownable entity, building on existing brand equity
  • Establish brand personality and team culture to express expertise
  • Develop brand language which clearly articulates the service offer and value proposition
  • Consolidate brand collateral and create impact with consistent branded suite

Trademark Strategy

DAIS strategically pulled key elements from the Excel Consulting brand to form the combination of words next level + acumen + nexus to create Nexacu, a unique and ownable brand name for the company to trademark in replacement of their existing name. The brand promise ‘discover IT. advance IT.’ provides a clear insight into what the brand does with a play on words as well.

Nexacu - Software Skills Training logo
Blue line pattern on white background

An explainer video was introduced as part of the brand’s marketing collateral to communicate the Nexacu story through a visually appealing and educational animation. The animation is brought to life through a custom illustration style made up of elements from the tech skills training industry Nexacu is part of as well as the eye-catching cobalt blue, navy and orange colour palette.

Our vision for the Nexacu spaces effectively balances creative execution with budget
Inside of office with blue Nexacu images on walls
Nexacu branded notepad and business cards on a split background


As a result of their rebrand and trademark strategy, Nexacu now owns their trademark thus protecting and strengthening their brand and further solidifying its future in the market. Combined with a unique illustration style that communicates the brand personality and position across every touchpoint, Nexacu is ready to reach their full potential.

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Three Instagram screenshots of Nexacu posts

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