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Vertical Horizons


Vertical Horizons wanted to maintain their growth as the leading provider of safety training in Australia, New Zealand while expanding internationally. However, they needed a clear and structured brand positioning strategy to prepare them for future expansion. Specifically, they needed a strategy that would increase their value and position in the market to drive this future growth.


  • Create visual unity between growing geographic locations across 6 countries.
  • Clearly communicate scope of capacity across a range of locations and courses.
  • Establish a brand positioning strategy and develop an aligning language and identity that claims industry-leading benchmark standards.
  • Distil a brand identity and personality that engages a diverse range of stakeholder profiles.
Vertical horizons logo concepts designs

Positioning strategy

Working with the senior management team, it was clear the brand needed to increase their value and position by articulating their capabilities and language around their brand identity. Defining their technical descriptor as structured training specialists establishes them as pre-eminently recognised market leaders; while the brand promise safety.certainty highlights their value proposition.
Vertical horizons logo for new brand positioning strategy
Vertical horizons collateral design examples brochure
Vertical Horizons website design example for new brand
The visual identity incorporates this brand structure diagram through the logo design and visual pattern, clearly articulating their offerings, value and internal culture.
To drive the brand’s repositioning, the visual identity was evolved through sleek and sharp design elements and a complimentary colour palette. Combined with a corporate voice designed to excite and engage the external market, the new brand identity evokes excellence, precision and prestige. This also works to set a benchmark standard internally and position the brand for future international growth.
Vertical Horizons testimonial from client about success of brand positioning strategy
Vertical Horizons brand success metrics as a result of positioning strategy


With brand structures in place, Vertical Horizons were able to create unity, clarity and cohesion within the business and across their geographic locations. In addition, they were able to successfully replicate it globally to ensure every stakeholder is receiving the same value and their brand is understood by everyone within the business and externally.
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