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Horton & Pearce were looking to launch a recruitment business that claimed a new position in the recruitment market. Initially, the client came in with a traditional approach to a partnership brand, to use their own names. However, to create a disruption in the market and align with their business strategy direction, DAIS recommended designing a new, unique brand name.


  1. Design a new brand that moves away from using traditional partner names, to create a contemporary and unique brand name.
  2. Define a brand strategy to reflect the evolved business structure and direction for growth.
  3. Develop a brand positioning strategy to differentiate the business in the market.
  4. Develop a switched on brand personality that drives an ethos and ethics that is proud, forthright and has deep integrity and substance behind it.
New brand for Brisbane recruitment partners u&u by branding company DAIS

Naming strategy

The brand’s new name needed to speak to their key value proposition and future strategy direction, as well as positioning the business a contemporary player in the market. As a recruitment business, they engage with and service both ‘you’ (the employee) and ‘you’ (the employer) and help to find the right fit. They are there for you and you and exist for both you and you.
Using this concept, we crafted the brand name u&u which captures the brand’s key value and delivers a disruptive message to stakeholders. u&u communicates the connection between employee and employer, that u&u are the ‘&’ between the two U’s and that the focus is not on them but is on their clients. The strategy is about the message behind the brand.
brand promise by brand design company in Brisbane DAIS

Brand positioning

To support the brand’s new positioning and brand strategy direction a brand promise and technical descriptor needed to be developed. The brand promise dynamic connections moves away from the traditional concept of recruiters who just seek out existing options towards the idea of building strong connections. Coupled with the technical descriptor recruitment partners, the brand has a clear and bold positioning in the recruitment industry.

Brand collateral design

The new repositioning gave the brand the ability to talk about people first and how they partner with both employees and employers. The new brand design, look and personality were deployed across sales proposals, corporate collateral and branded giftbags, wrapping, cards and lollies, to create a branded experience at every touchpoint.
collateral mock up design of new brand u&u
collateral design and production for brand engagement tool - lollies
brand collateral design and production of marketing letter
collateral design and production of u&u recruitment partners

Team activation

In collaboration with Newstead Brewing Co., u&u wanted to create a beer that functioned as a team engagement piece. The brief was to take the idea and develop a strategy that was full of character and creativeness while illustrating the dedication of the u&u crew. Taking the idea of how people work and celebrate achievement together – high five, fist bump, handshake, toasting and cheers – we crafted the story behind u&u brew. The story and design are a celebration of u&u’s philosophy of partnering with their team members as well as employees and employers to deliver dynamic connections. The u&u brew design was also recognised as a finalist in the 2019 BADC awards for creative label design.


u&u launched in 2010 at a time where the market was wanting something new and different, and their brand disrupted the market and claimed a new position and culture space in the recruitment industry. Their new brand was both progressive and professional with a disruptive attitude that cultivated a strong organisational culture. u&u lived their brand, building brand behaviours, processes, and a vibrant culture around it.

Brand success story

In their first two years of business, u&u were named Recruitment Agency of the Year at the CareerOne Excellence Awards and as one of Australia’s fastest growing organisations in 2012, 2013, 2014. Since then, u&u has continued to grow and be a market leader in the recruitment industry, with the owners successfully selling the business to international buyers.

Want to disrupt your market and become a market leader? We can show you how. As branding experts, we offer services across branding, strategy, digital and marketing. To elevate your brand and achieve your business goals, connect with us today.

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