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  • Established boutique recruitment agency with highly personalised service
  • New brand required to clearly communicate service offering, while leveraging existing communication channels


  • Create a distinctive, ownable brand which reflects the forward-thinking business strategy
  • Engage clients, candidates and referrers and build awareness to drive growth
  • Retain relevance and build on existing equity of all stakeholder bases
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To stand out in a cluttered market, we needed to clearly understand and define what made this consultancy different. Working closely with the agency’s directors, we identified that a bespoke 10 step strategic methodology was key to their success.

By introducing the name Onten, we implemented a unique brand, highlighting this rigorous recruitment approach which guarantees that every candidate placed is a 10/10.

Onten - Strategic Recruitment logo
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Graphically a wedge serif font with a strong solid foundation and ascenders with attitude was utilised for the typography along with a colour palette that applies corporate navy, cream and a striking slash of coral reflecting the fraction bar of 10/10.

We defined the solution streams of professionals, executives and contractors to more effectively communicate the service offer to the market and productised the methodology into the Smarter Selection Process, creating a branded 10 step diagram as an integral part of the collateral suite.

Onten Strategic Recruitment business cards


Onten entered the market confidently as we worked with the team to develop an engaging website, and graphics for their owned social sites. A social media launch campaign and templates for ongoing graphics and posts, followed along with a launch event for clients and industry, where the new brand was enthusiastically received.

Since that time, Onten have continued to live their brand every day, in every client interaction, building their business and achieving tangible growth. We give them a 10/10!

Do you need a unique new brand to help you stand out from a cluttered market? We’re experts in branding, strategy, digital and marketing, so connect with us here.


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Onten Strategic Recruitment website
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