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TRED was facing increased market competition and looking to grow and expand the brand to align with their long-term business strategy.

Their focus was on developing a strong, green friendly and 100% recycled plastic solutions but needed to be redefined and expressed in a way that aligned directly to their desired market.


The brand required a focused brand strategy to drive competitive advantages and position the brand for future national and global expansion.

Our strategy was to reposition and re-organise each element to create a strong and recognised brand.

Tred, brand promise- Seriously Adventurous

Brand Strategy

The focused brand strategy was inspired by how the brand’s products enable people to explore beyond the typical tracks and seek exceptional adventures. The brand promise ‘seriously adventurous’ was introduced to align the brand’s positioning to this idea and bring their expertise, customer understanding and value to the forefront. It was also crafted to be used as a benchmark standard, ensuring the brand’s products will be tested, tried and developed until an unparalleled product is achieved.
Tred business cards, black and white on grey background

Marketing Strategy

A disruptive and distinct marketing campaign was crafted to drive the brand’s new positioning and brand strategy, including an awe inspiring and location focussed image palette. Longitude and latitude coordinates as well as campaign language like “don’t stick to the tracks” were introduced to communicate the ability of TRED products to be versatile, to take you on any adventure, wherever you want to go.
Tred - Campaign branding example-focused brand strategy
Three TRED advertisement on electric subway billboards


To structure the business for future growth, the product offerings were expanded to cater for all outdoor adventure needs across 4×4, RV, Marine streams. TRED’s online environment was designed to reflect the broad product offering and to streamline, re-energise and structure the brand’s digital presence for future expansion. By rethinking the traditional approach to product websites and using UX design thinking, this online environment was created to make products easier to find and view in their entirety. Packaging design also included interactive elements, such as QR codes, to connect customers to the online offering of the suite of products, colours and types and where to locate these items in store.
Tred - Website example
Tred - Website example on ipad- business strategy
Tred - Website example on ipad- business strategy


With an evolved brand identity, strong brand positioning and an engaging marketing strategy, TRED have gained the clarity in their business direction, continued to expand their service offering and scale their business. Since their brand launch in August 2020, TRED have run a number of campaigns and have received positive feedback from highly engaged stakeholders. With a strong market position and a clear direction, the brand has new energy to expand nationally and enter into the global market.

Are you looking to rebrand an established business? Or needing focused brand strategies to help position your brand for national and global expansion? Across branding, strategy, digital and marketing we’re open for interesting and exciting business. Don’t hesitate to connect with us.


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