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Sencova* is a steel fabricator specialising in structural steel engineering and construction. They have been leading industry for more than 35 years are a trusted force behind some of Australia’s largest and most iconic construction projects.

Sencova* is renowned for quality, safety, performance and value. From design to construction every project is only considered complete when it delivers to Sencova*’s brand promise: *MADE SURE

Sencova Steel Fabricators Logo
Sencova - Branding example
Their visual identity was derived from an asterix or star form that was positioned to the end of the Sencova* logo. It was created to be a reflection of the brand’s reputation for delivering star performance, superior quality and safety to every project they encounter.
Sencova - Branding example
Sencova - Branding example
Sencova - Branding example


Their collateral echo’s their focus on heavy-duty detail, delivering projects that are well-crafted, safe and top quality. Every time. The visual identity truly is is a star performer that we have utilised in a diverse range of ways.
Sencova - Branding example
Sencova - Branding example

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