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Acacia Connections


  • Clarify brand architecture across multi-brand portfolio to align with business strategy.
  • Evolve existing brand identity to build on equity and leverage for future growth.
  • Simplify and organise the group eco-system into segments and solution streams.
  • Establish brand structures and positioning to allow for future expansion.

Naming Strategy

Keeping the Acacia Connections name was key to the strategy to retain existing significant brand equity. We firstly took inspiration from the structures of the Acacia tree in the original logo. Next, we evolved the brand’s identity using interlinking shapes to form a stylised acacia tree. This new icon also represents connections, which is very important for this brand’s identity, culture and language.


Acacia Connections old logo and new brand identity after DAIS brand project
Brand architecture map for Acacia Connections across product brand, foundation brand, solution brand

Brand architecture

The new brand architecture creates visibility and understanding around the positioning and management of the different brands. It also works to sets branding conventions and structures. To leverage and build on existing brand equity, Acacia Connections is the overarching parent brand. Moreover, Acacia Connections functions as the central element of the brand ecosystem and mapped hierarchy. As well as this, we also considered and developed the nuances of each brand’s position in the map. So, the branch architecture was future-proofed for business expansion and growth.
Colour palette for Acacia Connections blue, greens, yellow and grey
brand promise every connection matters for Acacia Connections Brisbane

Brand promise
& credentialing

The brand promise ‘every connection matters’ was also kept to build on existing brand equity and develop a credentialing structure. ‘Connections’ operates as a credentialing device that determines how to manage the brand relationships in the brand map. Specifically, it simplifies the brand structure, creates identifiable sub-brands and a convention for future brand creation. So, ‘connections’ aligns the brand architecture to a core focus driven by the parent brand’s promise.
Flyer brochure Acacia Connections Psychology support services Brisbane Australia
Brand animation of Acacia Connections brand logo


Overall, implementation of the new brand ecosystem has resulted in every individual within and associated with Acacia Connections having a clear understanding of the brands and their relationships. Additionally, Acacia Connections can now succinctly communicate the different brand value propositions to multiple stakeholder groups. Therefore, Acacia Connections is structured for future growth and expansion.
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Visual identity campaign for Acacia Connections Brisbane - At breaking point?
Visual identity and campaign language for Acacia Connections Brisbane - Need to talk?

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