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  • Recent merger of leading companies SmartTrans and Resource Connect
  • Imminent listing on ASX
  • Two different identities and cultures
  • No clear articulation of new value proposition


  • Develop a brand strategy incorporating language and visual identity to clearly articulate the new combined offer whilst leveraging existing equity
  • Create a unique brand that could be trademarked globally and communicated across more diverse market environment
  • Transition two different cultures into one unified brand philosophy and behaviours
Orcoda logomark


DAIS focused on identifying the core commonalities across the two brands and developing a new value proposition that was transferrable across sectors. We developed a structure which brought together the technology platform and the management expertise of the new organisation which could be deployed into target industries.
A totally original name was required to ensure global availability for trademarking and to also be relevant in different markets. The concept of the key deliverable of organised connected data underpinned the new brand Orcoda, which was visually crafted to subtlely reflect a stylised visualisation of data.
Internally, DAIS aligned the two cultures into a common philosophy and behaviours, developing a structure for communication to the market.
Orcoda - Branding example
Orcoda - Branding example
Orcoda - Branding example
Orcoda - Case study infographic
Orcodx dynamic data core infographic


With a clear brand identity and strategy, Orcoda inspired investor and shareholder confidence and successfully listed on the ASX. Two separate brand identities and cultures were consolidated with the capability and tools to build a strong internal culture and succeed in a competitive global market.
DAIS has continued to work with Orcoda, developing digital sales tools to take to market.
Orcoda brochure examples
Orcoda - Brochure example

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