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Henderson Matusch and Logiro were previously developed by DAIS over 10 years ago and in 2023 they were merging into one business with a new direction and fresh approach to establishing an integrated financial services brand. DAIS was tasked with a rebranding strategy to craft an entirely new brand that captured their new direction and approach while connecting the two teams to the new brand.


  1. Be fresh
    Develop a new brand identity that reflects ‘who’ they are and their vision for where the business is going into the future.
  2. Be protected
    Create a new brand name that communicates their value proposition, connects to their team and can be owned as a trademark.
  3. Be magnetic
    Establish a brand voice that positions them as magnetic to their ideal client target markets and increases brand engagement.
  4. Be inspirational
    Strengthen their Employer Value Proposition and culture to inspire and lead their people and further attract and retain talent.

Naming Strategy

The new name needed to capture Henderson Matusch and Logiro’s ability to bring together the technical aspects of financial goals with the emotional drivers of security and peace-of-mind. Speaking to the financial side of ‘building your nest egg’ as well as the personal side of a ‘worthwhile wellbeing investment’ we created the new name ‘Nestworth’.

The new name creates a recognisable brand and coupled with the technical descriptor ‘financial strategists’ captures their high-value offering and personal approach.

Nestworth brand identity developed by Brisbane brand agency DAIS
brand promise richer living based on rebranding strategy

Brand Positioning

We crafted the ‘Richer Living’ brand promise to focus on and clearly communicate Nestworth’s ability to really understand their client’s idea of ‘richer living’ and help them achieve it. Solution streams ‘advise, protect, grow’ strengthen the personal value Nestworth gives to clients while speaking to varying client needs.

true north graph that ties into the Nestworth brand icon

Brand Identity

Built on the concept of helping people find their ‘true north’ while considering their wealth strategy and their wellbeing goals, the brand icon works as a graph as well as a visual representation of Nestworth’s way, the ‘Richer Living Methodology’.

Brand imagery palette developed for financial advisory brand

Visual Design

The objective was to create a refreshing, contemporary and modern brand while fitting into the financial advisory market. Taking inspiration from Henderson Matusch’s existing colour palette and igniting it with a fresh and modern energy, we carefully selected an evolved colour palette. Using imagery that evokes an aspirational feel and reflects a journey also works to convey the brand positioning.

corporate collateral developed by Brisbane brand agency DAIS
billboard mockup application using new brand Nestworth
poster mockup application for financial advisory brand Nestworth
brand methodology graphic design by Brisbane brand strategy advisors DAIS

Brand Methodology

Creating a tangible way for Nestworth to engage with clients that connects to their brand name, positioning and overall philosophy was key to this project. The Richer Living Methodology brings their brand promise and dual approach of financial and emotional drivers to life while connecting to the brand’s visual identity.

The methodology also demonstrates Nestworth’s holistic approach and maintains connection to Logiro’s brand promise and client approach of ‘full circle thinking’.

employer branding and internal values developed to align with corporate brand voice

Team Engagement

We created an internal performance benchmark, or brand theme, ‘Growth Seeker’ which sets a standard for team members to be motivated and committed to seeking growth in their careers and growth of their client’s wealth.

To further engage with their team we crafted six values that connect to ‘Growth’ which enable the team to live out their brand theme and brand philosophy every day.

custom brand illustrations for customer profiles

Customer Profiling

We crafted a customer profiling strategy to help the team identify Nestworth’s ideal client and which services different clients require based on their demographic and behavioural profile. Eager Believers, Dream Seekers and Goal Achievers tie into the brand voice as well as the brand theme and values and are brought to life through custom brand illustrations.

Launch Strategy

To successfully launch the rebranding strategy to internal and external stakeholders, we worked with the Nestworth Leadership team to develop a launch to market strategy across awareness, profile and relationship.

We supported the team to deploy our launch to market strategy which included events, team collateral, custom brand video, email campaign, social campaign, website and corporate collateral.

campaign language and brand voice depicted in digital ad style
social media designs for financial strategists Nestworth
office signage mockups to show rebranding strategy
Nestworth business cards designed by brand agency DAIS
Nestworth letterhead designed by brand agency DAIS
branded mug, tote bag and notebook by Brisbane brand agency DAIS

The Nestworth team now has a new energy, direction and a strengthened brand positioning in the market as they grow and expand as a leading business in the financial advisory market. We are continuing to work with the team on developing tools and brand behaviours that will further engage clients and differentiate their approach and methodology in the market. 

Are you merging businesses and require a rebranding strategy to align your brand with your business direction? We build dynamic and engaging brands that capture ‘who’ you want to be. Meet our team here.

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