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Harris Black


Harris Black is a long-time client that required a customer engagement strategy and an evolved positioning strategy to align to future business direction.


  • Evolve positioning to reflect the current business strategy and the next generation business direction
  • Develop a system of identifying, attracting and nurturing preferred client segments
  • Increase awareness of value and newer services offered, particularly advisory solutions
  • Inspire and engage staff and referrers with the right tools to successfully deliver brand positioning
Harris Black by brisbane brand strategy agency DAIS
Harris Black updated brand positioning by brisbane brand strategy agency DAIS
Harris Black by brisbane brand strategy agency DAIS
Harris Black explanation of customer engagement process

Internal and external strategy

A marketing and engagement strategy were introduced to align service offerings, value proposition and client relationship management for both the internal team and external stakeholders. This involved creating defined client segments and aligning messaging structures across digital, referrer and PR channels to create a consistent client journey that is based on an accurate and in-depth understanding of the client’s needs.
Harris Black brochure example
Harris Black team members working on a whiteboard stakeholder engagement

Branding update

The brand promise help.achieve was recognised as integral to the brand’s identity, so was brought to the forefront of the brand through collateral and messaging. This brand update also included the introduction of an updated brand visual identity and colour palette to strengthen the existing identity. The evolved identity was rolled out across, web, corporate collateral and key client touchpoints to align with the new positioning, messaging structure and client engagement strategy.


With a targeted and in-depth customer engagement process, the internal team was energised, focused and resourced to identify, attract and nurture their ideal clients and deliver an exceptional service. Harris Black’s messaging and brand behaviour at every touchpoint is now consistent and engaging, driving brand awareness, growth and positioning the brand to achieve its future business objectives.

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Harris Black brochure example by brisbane brand agency DAIS
Harris Black brochure example by brisbane brand agency DAIS

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