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before vs after of Aurous to Inclusee brand strategy development


Founded in 1973, Aurous had been on an almost 50 year journey of shifting business strategies and focuses. In recent years, the business has been led by a driven Executive team that has built the business offerings and direction concentrated on connection. With a laser-focused vision of the future, Aurous required a brand strategy that aligned to their business direction and reflected their core goal – to use the power of connection to reduce isolation and loneliness for Australians.


  1. Clarify. Distil and establish the brand architecture to align with the business strategy and future proof for growth.
  2. Create. Develop a new brand identity that communicates who they are, what they do, what they are passionate about and their value to a range of stakeholders.
  3. Connect. Create a brand positioning, personality and language that connects with all stakeholder profiles including participants, volunteers and staff.
Inclusee brand identity developed by Australian brand strategy DAIS

Naming & brand strategy

A naming strategy that drives a brand philosophy and connects with varied stakeholders. We created the new name as a strategic play on two key concepts about the brand – a community that is inclusive of all and helps participants feel seen and understood.⁠
Inclusee is a community for making connections and enhancing the lives of older Australians who are facing loneliness and isolation. ⁠
Inclusee brand icon developed by Australian brand strategy DAIS

Stakeholder engagement strategy

The brand strategy needed to connect with varied stakeholders, from participants and their family/friends, current and potential volunteers, internal team and potential employees, and Government and Industry Associations. The technical descriptor connecting community and brand promise join in speak to all of these stakeholders and positions Inclusee as its own community.
solution streams, connect, learn, enjoy developed as part of brand strategy project

Solution streams

One of the key issues for the brand was confusion around their service offerings. We developed three clear and easy solution streams connect, learn and enjoy clarifying Inclusee’s solutions in a way that also communicated their value proposition.

Program brand strategy

Inclusee offers a range of programs, and we crafted a structured system to name the existing programs and create opportunity for future program development. Using the concept of ‘it takes two to connect’, we used the ‘2’ element to build the program brand structure of ‘solution type + 2 + program identifier’. As well as this, the strategy for the social club sub-brands used the concept of ‘what are you into?’ combined with the ‘2’ element to create a sub-structure of ‘in + 2 + interest area’.

volunteer brand strategy, image of volunteer talking to Inclusee community

Volunteer brand strategy

Volunteers are a key stakeholder for Inclusee and are specially trained using their custom volunteer training programs. We created a brand for these programs, Join in Ready Programs, and a tiered structure for the different qualifications and levels of volunteers. This works to create a real culture around the volunteer community to engage existing volunteers and attract new applications.

Colour palette

Developing two colour palettes, one for participants and one for volunteers, enabled Inclusee to clearly communicate to these different stakeholder groups and differentiate between the two visually.

Inclusee participant colour palette - green, blue gradient
Inclusee volunteer colour palette - purple red gradient

Team Engagement and Launch

Bringing the team on the branding journey was fundamental to this project, so we created Inclusee merchandise – t-shirts, wireless chargers, pins – to give to the team at the internal launch. We did what we call an ‘Inspiring Team Presentation’ where our Director Brand Strategy, Jack Perlinski, presented the new strategy to the team and invited them to come on the journey to implement the new brand and embrace the change. This included a workshop where every team member was taught to draw and tell the brand story in a succinct whiteboard diagram they can do anywhere – from boardrooms to the back of napkin.

branded pins for team launch merchandise for new brand identity
branded wireless chargers for team brand launch event
branded wireless chargers for team brand launch event

Brand Launch

Launching the brand externally required complete implementation of the new brand, from corporate and sales collateral to website design, product packaging and welcome pack development. We worked with the Inclusee team to develop, create and produce these in time for brand launch.
website design by Brisbane branding agency DAIS
business card design to reflect new brand identity
stakeholder engagement welcome pack design by Australian brand agency DAIS
stakeholder engagement welcome pack design by Australian brand agency DAIS


The new brand has brought the organisation together with one clear vision and the ability to effectively communicate the who, what, when and why of their brand to every stakeholder. With a successful launch into the market including exposure across news articles and radio interviews, Inclusee has claimed their position in the market and are ready to expand their community.

Our work was recognised in an industry publication The Best Logo Designs Done by Australian Agencies. Read more about it here.

The positive feedback we have received has been overwhelming, people now understand who we are and what we do. Can find us, spell us, and it does exactly what I wanted it to do which was leave a smile on people’s faces.
DAIS go above and beyond and consider every tiny detail. They make you part of the process and check in very frequently to ensure they are on track. They hardly ever require any adjustments; they just nail it!
The most impressive part is their commitment to understand you, your brand, your organisation, your client and your passion. They can dig deep into the fibres and unravel the ugly old sweater and turn it into something that can only be classed as special.

– Rachael Cook, Chief Executive Officer

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