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Coscer Partners is a financial advisory business that was established in Ingham in 1979. The business acquired three other financial services brands across Queensland to grow its brand portfolio. With four different brands and a vision for growth, clarity of the brand structure and positioning was required; as well as a brand story and personality that would communicate and bring to life their unique philosophy and value offering. DAIS worked with the team to develop a resolved brand strategy and identity that would align with the business strategy.


  1. Design a brand architecture to reflect business growth objectives while creating clarity internally and externally.
  2. Create an energetic and passionate new brand and identity that embodies the visionary nature of the business.
  3. Develop a relevant brand story which demonstrates the value the organisation brings beyond the transactional.
  4. Dynamically reframe the perception of traditional accountants to cut through a cluttered market.

Brand strategy
& architecture

Looking at the four sub-brands, Coscer, Zest, Acano and Insight Super, under the central brand of Coscer Partners, there was lack of clarity and cohesion in the brand architecture. The brand strategy recommendations were to pull the four existing brands into one central brand with separate solution streams. Using solution streams helped to streamline the variety of financial services across the four brands into three clear areas – business advisory, financial services and personal wealth.

Cosca new brand identity based on brand strategy with lifestyle numbers

Brand name development

To create a brand strategy that aligned with their philosophy and business strategy, we gave a new meaning to the name ‘Coscer’. Their value is in creating opportunity for strategically clear advantage, so using these key letters we created the new brand name, Cosca.

campaign language - non-negotiable morning coffee

Brand personality

Combining their authentic and personal approach with their financial acumen and visionary direction, we crafted a brand personality that captures ‘engaged value’. To illustrate the personality, we brought it to life across both general awareness and target market specific campaigns. Specifically, we crafted language that includes lifestyle goals and ‘must-haves’ to target a variety of audiences.

Poster collateral design for target market of retirees
Poster collateral design for young market financial services
Post collateral design for business owner market financial services
New brand direct mail piece collateral design to launch new brand

Collateral design
& production

Following the brand build phase, we delivered a broad range of brand collateral to transition their four businesses into the new Cosca brand. This included a range of internal collateral such as team booklets, client engagement tools, eDMs as well as corporate stationery, internal and external signage and a new website. In addition, we worked closely with Cosca to develop and deploy a launch and transition strategy across their business. The strategy worked to transition the businesses into the new brand while bringing their staff and clients along with them on the journey.

Photography of retired couple on a boat enjoying their financial freedom
Older woman feeling relaxed and happy as her finances are all sorted by Cosca
Business owner running a successful packaging business as a client of financial services brand, Cosca
Business owner trade - financial services brand Cosca

Photoshoots across Queensland captured real Cosca clients achieving their lifestyle visions and business goals.

Local store business owner financial services brand Cosca
Local fitness business owner - financial services brand Cosca
Local grocery store owner - financial services brand Cosca
Local cafe business owner - financial services brand Cosca
Local farming business - financial services brand Cosca
brand strategy language of lifestyle numbers - two tone blue design

Cosca’s difference

As a result of client interviews and internal stakeholder workshops, we identified the brand’s unique selling point – their personal approach and focus on their client’s lifestyle goals. By firstly understanding their client’s current lifestyle and goals, they create strategic financial plans that identify the numbers they need to achieve them. Cosca delivers Lifestyle. Numbers across everything they do. So, we built this philosophy into the brand DNA to communicate their unique difference at every touchpoint.

Brand tool and client engagement exercise to sketch and draw lifestyle and business goals

Using their brand language and DNA, we created an engagement tool Cosca can use with clients to understand their situations. Now it has become a part of their client engagement process as a key sales tool. It also works as a tool to explain the Cosca brand and their promise to every client.

Poster collateral design for Cosca One Foundation brand

Cosca One

In addition to their central brand, we crafted a foundation brand for their community initiatives. Built on the idea of ‘the power of one’, the Cosca One Foundation believes in the power of one to drive positive change.



Overall, Cosca’s new brand strategy brings clarity, energy and new focus to the business. Now that Cosca has one central brand and a vibrant brand identity, they are ready to grow their business.

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