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Stationery Wholesalers was a well-established business of over 30 years. However, was facing the challenges of an evolving new era and shifts in customer desires and buying habits. With this rapidly changing market, they needed a brand strategy that would innovate and reposition their brand to generate greater relevancy and align with their future business direction.


  1. Evolve the existing brand to create clarity around what they deliver and who their markets are,
  2. Claim the position of visionary thought leaders and disrupt the market with a sustainable choice advantage,
  3. Protect existing brand equity and develop a transition strategy to retain existing stakeholders and attract new clients,
  4. Develop a brand culture of discovering new social, environmental and economic opportunities.
Brand strategy to take client from their old brand to new brand GetYoo

Brand strategy & promise

The brand needed a new name that was ownable, memorable and embodies the brand’s future direction as a “new-economy” business. We first looked to identify the brand’s key differentiating factor, and based on their expert advice and industry knowledge, they provide customers with not necessarily what they asked for but what their situation required. To clearly communicate this value proposition, we crafted the brand promise, we get you and we get you what you need. Additionally, this brand promise inspired the creation of the business’ new brand name GetYoo.

Animation of GetYoo brand strategy of brand icon to align with business strategy

Visual identity strategy

To design the new logo, we used custom typography with a focus on simplified forms and clean lines. The ‘g’ in GetYoo is both a letter and a stylised paperclip, cleverly linking the core business stream. In addition, the business was shifting to have a more ethical focus so the visual identity embedded their company triple bottom line – people, planet, profit – into the design using three additional line forms.
New brand identity for GetYoo smarter business supplies by Brisbane brand company DAIS
Designed credential for GetYoo's brand strategy which aligns with business strategy

Product strategy

Creating product tiers of premium, smarter and budget with custom visual icons enabled the brand to show their knowledge as value experts. Additionally, these tiers helped to streamline product searching for their customers. The ‘buy good’ credential also shows which products are good for society or the environment, directly giving customers a clear way to recognise the brand as socially responsible. As a part of this project, DAIS worked with their web developers in Sydney to implement the product strategy across the new website.
Product strategy category digital brand website design
Product strategy category digital brand website design
Product strategy category digital brand website design
Box with stationery supplies for GetYoo rebrand strategy

Launch campaign

A 12-month launch, campaign and touchpoint strategy were developed to generate awareness, create profiles and develop relationships across existing and new target client types. It also involved wide-spread collateral production across email marketing, corporate collateral, office signage and vehicles and internal tools.
Mockup of brand tshirt with new brand icon

Brand manual

The GetYoo leadership team worked with DAIS to develop an in-depth brand manual. This included a customer segmentation strategy, brand process maps, brand processes across customer touchpoints and sales messaging for each touchpoint. This tool gives internal teams an understanding of how the brand marketing strategy can be successfully delivered at each touchpoint. It also enabled GetYoo to build on the brand culture and strategy foundations while successfully scaling their business.
Mockup design of office signage for GetYoo rebrand
Brand identity collateral across business card design for GetYoo rebrand strategy


With a strong brand strategy, identity, new repositioning, brand processes and customer touchpoint maps, GetYoo was able to launch into the market in 2017 and claim a clear market position.
GetYoo’s new energy and brand clarity contributed to a large upshift in commercial momentum and brand visibility. As a result, in 2019 Dynamic Office National acquired GetYoo.

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