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Champion Life


Champion Life was an established brand that was seeking to strengthen and clarify their market position and drive growth across a range of stakeholder profiles. The brand also required a brand governance analysis and a trademark strategy to claim an ownable identity.


  • Build awareness of brand, drive program sign-ups and inspire and motivate target market
  • Motivate young people to be more active and redefine role models to be more true to life
  • Build a strong brand strategy to define positioning, language and stakeholder engagement
  • Drive expansion into new sectors and attract new stakeholders across customers, investors and corporate partners
Champion Life branding example
The brand kept the Champion Life name due to its strong connection to the brand’s philosophy, the belief that everyone is a champion, and to leverage existing equity. To position the brand as aspirational, energetic and motivational, the technical descriptor ‘activated health education’ and brand promise ‘empowering activity’ were introduced.
The visual identity creates a vibrant brand personality expressing the energy and youth of the Champion Life brand.  In the logo design the letter ‘i’ is used to reflect the brand’s activation of individuals and when flipped to become an exclamation mark, reveals the world ‘Champ!’. This device is used strategically across brand collateral and is woven into the brand DNA to evoke the excitement and enthusiasm of the brand’s culture. ‘Champ!’ operates as an integral part of the brand language and communication strategy.
Champion Life branding example
Champion Life branding example
Champion Life branding example
Champion Life branding example
Champion Life - vehicle wrap mock up
Champion Life branding example
Champion Life branding example
Bold, bouncy and lively typography accompanies the logo along with a supporting graphic suite demonstrating movement, energy and enthusiasm. These elements work together to create a brand personality that is distinct, recognisable and highly engaging.
With a clearly defined strategy and a unique brand personality, Champion Life can confidently promote the development of lifelong healthy habits with a strong brand that is able to connect with their target market. Their new identity has been deployed across their entire business, from websites to marketing collateral, giving the brand new energy, a clearer purpose and a strong position in their market.
Champion Life - website example

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