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Balancing Heart

Three bottles of Balancing Heart wine
Bottle of Balancing Heart wine
Bottle of Balancing Heart wine
Bottle of Balancing Heart wine


  • Develop an engaging and impactful new brand identity
  • Create a new positioning that can encompass future accommodation and events
  • Craft a compelling brand story which honours our philosophy, legacy and unique location


As the existing vineyard was named Balancing Rock after a unique granite rock formation on the property, we felt it was important to continue to use this distinctive rock to create a sense of place and destination. What had been missing from the brand story, however, was heart or emotion.

Ironically, the top rock is the shape of a heart, so we elevated this idea to create Balancing Heart, which reflects the delicate balance of passion and intelligence in winemaking, while still retaining reference to our special rock duo.

Balancing Heart wine logo
Balancing Heart wine diagram

We created conventions for naming wines and creating label artwork that would be true to the brand philosophy, impactful on shelf and easy for the owner to manage. This simple two word naming and design convention speaks to the duality of the brand and highlights both the science and art behind producing quality wine.

With a strong brand and packaging strategy, we planned a relaunch strategy and ongoing tiered marketing strategy with a social media content framework for launching a new vintage, the revamped Cellar Door and the new architecturally designed tasting rooms.

Bottles of Balancing Heart wine stood up on white table


Within weeks, Balancing Heart came to life as we worked with the enthusiastic owners to develop an engaging website, impactful graphics for their social site, signage and a suite of brochureware and collateral. There’s even a giant Balancing Heart bottle at the gate of the vineyard!

Balancing Heart wine website example
Balancing Heart wine instagram feed
Balancing Heart wine brochure
Balancing Heart Vineyard Logo

The relaunch has been a resounding success, with the vineyard busy with tastings at their new Cellar Door, showing at festivals and launching new wines. And best of all, there are exciting plans in place for a range of new varietials and blends to take advantage of the unique soil profile, cool climate and abundant sunshine to craft a new generation of wines for Balancing Heart.

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