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Since starting in 2004 the brand, formerly Allpak Systems, experienced growth, significant expansion of their services and increased competition in their market. To align their brand to their current and future business strategy and establish them as market leaders, they required a brand repositioning and segmented marketing strategy.


  1. Evolve positioning to reflect the current and next generation business direction, highlighting the brand’s value-added holistic approach.
  2. Build on the current system of identifying, attracting, and nurturing preferred client segments.
  3. Engage staff and influencers with the right tools to successfully deliver positioning.
  4. Create dynamic and engaging customer experience and communication strategy to drive business growth and position the brand as recognised leaders.
New brand identity design brisbane
brand promise and language creation for new brand

Naming & positioning strategy

To evolve the brand’s positioning from a transactional supplier to that of a value-added holistic provider a name change from Allpak to Azapak was recommended. The new brand name was built on the brand’s service standard of delivering everything packaging from A to Z.

As easy as that functions as the brand promise, a clever way to communicate the ease and simplicity of using Azapak. To further strengthen this positioning and create clarity of the brand’s value proposition, we introduced the technical descriptor Complete Packaging Solutions.

campaign voice development for new packaging brand

Campaign voice

Azapak’s campaign voice ‘making smarter packaging easier’ communicates their key value proposition of giving their customers quick access to packaging that is better, more intelligently designed and will improve their day-to-day.
brochure collateral design in line with brand design and personality

Brand Language

Building upon the unique brand voice and language, a brand methodology was developed to simply explain how Azapak work their customers and their process benefit – unpak, repak, save.
brand language development by brisbane branding company DAIS

customer experience and communication strategy

Customer experience & communication strategy

To articulate and identify the key client types based on characteristics and type of service delivered, we firstly completed an analysis of existing customers and then developed a segmentation map of the four client segments. This helped to determine the marketing and sales strategy including target client types and opportunities to gain new business and increased revenue. As part of this strategy work, customer journey mapping and messaging structures across the awareness, profile and relationship stages were built and deployed across every touchpoint from website to welcome packs.

We also worked with the Azapak team to create an animation video that clearly articulates how all elements of the brand come together to provide customers an end to end solution that is continually optimised.

customer guarantee and promise to promote value proposition

Value proposition strategy

The Azapak advantage program was developed as a way to productise the brand’s value propositions and market it as a program their target customers can subscribe to. It also includes the Azapak guarantee to further strengthen the brand’s value as trusted and reliable.

As part of this strategy, the one call promise was crafted and productised as a guarantee for all customers of Azapak’s high value services.

azapak advantage program brand design
azapak guarantee brand design
office design for new brand by design company brisbane
office signage mockup for new azapak brand
office signage mock up design for new azapak brand


With an engaging and vibrant new brand, structured sales processes and customer engagement strategies, Azapak’s brand had a new energy and drive. Our strategy work also allowed Azapak to effectively cater to their customer’s desires and build in clear and measurable KPI’s for their team. Azapak’s brand, marketing strategies and internal sales processes are now aligned and built for success.
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Note: designs are the originally presented mockups.

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