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Position Partners was an established business in the positioning technology industry with a team of almost 400 people servicing Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. After experiencing significant growth, expansion of services and innovative technology products, they needed to understand the opportunities for their brand to drive and strengthen their business for the next phase of growth.


  1. Be clear
    Re-engineer a brand architecture that allows for acquisition, product diversification and market share growth.
  2. Be global
    Develop a brand that has global position stature and positions the business as a national industry leader.
  3. Be respectful
    Pay respect to the brand history, where you have come from and retain the strength of the business culture.
  4. Be engaging
    Strengthen your EVP to attract, inspire and retain team members to help you differentiate.
Stakeholder research and analysis for brand advisory project by DAIS

Phase 1

Research, Analysis & Recommendations

We engaged with diverse stakeholders through workshops, interviews and research to understand their culture, team and business so we could develop recommendations that align with their business objectives.

name and strategy development for brand advisory project by brand agency DAIS

Phase 2

Name Development, Strategy & Creative Execution

We distilled our research into a clear and intelligent brand strategy which included an ownable brand name, an evolved modern visual identity and positioning that engaged their team and connected to their market.

Stakeholder Research

We conducted research with over 65 people across their team, executive leadership team and customers through questionnaires and online interviews. The objective was to understand their culture, team and business so we could develop a brand that truly captures ‘who’ they are being.

The results of this research indicated a magnetic family culture and highly engaged and trusted customer relationships. However, there was an opportunity to create a brand that captured their culture while connecting with the market to position them for future growth strategies.

brand advisory research for Position Partners brand

Brand Advisory

Taking our research findings and the project objectives we conducted a scenario analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and implication of each recommendation. This was key to taking the senior leadership team and board members on the journey of understanding how their brand strategy needed to align with their business strategy.


Team & Leadership Engagement

Throughout the project we engaged the team, senior leaders and global board through workshops, interviews and presentation at each phase to ensure they were part of the journey. Rebranding is a significant change for a business and a culture, using these various engagement activities we successfully got a team of almost 400, a global board and executive leadership team behind the change.

Naming Strategy

Crafting a name that would be embraced by the team, captured their philosophy and was viable as a trademark globally was a challenging feat. Combining Position Partner’s speciality in Advanced Positioning Technology with their value of Excellence in Longitudinal & Latitudinal Accuracy we developed the name Aptella.

Brand Creative

To bring the Position Partners legacy into the Aptella brand we firstly kept the colour identity of orange and navy and evolved it to bring depth and sophistication to the colour palette. Secondly, we used the ‘star’ graphic in the existing logo as inspiration for the compass visual identities. The triangle and directional visual was subtly weaved into the corporate identity to create a simple yet iconic logo.

Brand Positioning

Developing a brand that positioned Aptella as a global leading business required a technical descriptor, solution streams and campaign language that communicated a high-value partnership and a visual identity that evoked accuracy, excellence and sophistication.

“This project has been delivered flawlessly. I have enjoyed every moment I have worked with the DAIS team, and they have made a complex project achievable and fun. 10/10!”

Gina Velde
Marketing Communications Executive Manager, Aptella

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Brand Launch

Aptella successfully launched the new brand to their team across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia in January 2024, giving the business fresh energy and clear direction to reach their growth goals

We continue to work with the Aptella team to ensure the transition and ongoing management of Aptella is smooth, clear and on brand

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