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The Power of Positive Disruption

The term ‘positive disruption’ is commonly used in brand marketing to describe when a brand, campaign or product challenged the thought cycles and expectations of a market in a positive way. This disruption gets people thinking about your brand, particularly in comparison to competitors, and can make a big impact on your brand’s positioning, sales and overall business growth. However, positive disruption can be difficult to achieve and requires a clever idea, an effective campaign engagement strategy and a strong brand personality.

A campaign engagement strategy requires an understanding of the brand’s identity, service offerings and target market – what are their needs, wants, desires, how do they think and how do they speak. This is combined with strategic and creative thinking to design a campaign strategy that is ‘on brand’ and will spark a positive memory of your brand in the minds of consumers.

The Rolls Royce One of One campaign is a perfect example of an effective campaign engagement strategy that positively disrupted the market. The idea to compare the Siamese fighting fish with the bespoke-only Rolls Royce Phantom is clever, ‘on brand’ and clearly communicates the value of the Rolls Royce product. Both are unrivalled, unmatched and totally unique and with the tagline ‘unique has no rival’, the brand creates the perception of true luxury and prestige that aligns with their brand identity.

Watch the campaign video here:

The precision of the music with every piece of beautiful footage comparing the Siamese fighting fish with the Rolls Royce Phantom matches perfectly, creating a mesmerising balance of sound and visuals. This combined with the purity of the idea of a simple comparison is what sets this campaign apart and makes it truly inspiring.

At DAIS, we aim to inspire both our clients and others by creating unique and thought-provoking brands, designs and marketing campaigns. We create campaign strategies based on the brand’s identity, market and competitor research as well as strategic thinking and cutting-edge creative ideas. We ensure your brand’s personality is what you become known, recognised and famous for, and is aligned across all brand and campaign collateral.

Positive disruption is powerful and can have a significant impact on your brand and overall business. We have extensive experience with brands and campaigns that are designed to positively disrupt the market, convert target markets to customers and keep them coming back.

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