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Will Your Brand Thrive on the Other Side?

Brands need to be built for the future, to adapt to change, challenges and to continually improve. Future-proofed brands are highly competitive and more resilient during economic downturns, turnover slumps and even global pandemics.

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down and in the blink of an eye businesses have had to work remotely, make significant structural changes and diversify to source new revenue streams. The greatest challenges for brands right now are, firstly to manage the initial impacts of Covid-19 and secondly, to make sure their business survives this global pandemic.

So, is your brand fit and healthy enough to thrive on the other side? Here are our tips to improving your brand’s health:

Unique Identifier
Understand what differentiates you in the market, it could be your specialist expertise, your attention-to-detail customer experience or your all-in-one solution. Own that difference, make it central to your brand behaviors, brand identity and internal systems. Integrating your unique difference into every aspect of your brand, enhances your competitive edge and makes sure you deliver it to your customers.

Know Who You Are
Brand clarity is essential for a healthy brand and thriving business. If you can articulate these three elements of your brand’s identity, then you’re on the right track:

  1. Brand Promise
    The attitude, culture and performance of your brand. What is your promise and value you give to every customer? Do all your employees know, understand and deliver on this promise every day? Your brand promise should be so important that if it is not delivered, it will impact the quality of your product or service.
  2. Visual Identity
    Connect your brand’s story and unique identifier to your corporate image and visual language. Can you create a visual identity that also functions as an internal process or a valuable brand story? A clear, interesting and purposeful visual identity creates a relationship between your customers, employees and your brand’s identity.
  3. Technical Identity
    Communicates to the market what industry you’re in and your service offerings. Crafting a technical identity that future-proofs your business, allowing you to diversify, adapt and re-invent in response to market changes. A successful business needs to grow and prosper, so your brand needs to be designed to grow with it.

It’s All in the Structure
Once you have a clear brand identity, you need to build structures that integrate it into every process and system in your business. This will align your brand strategy with your culture, vision and workspace and guarantee you’re delivering on your brand promise every time.

Consistency is Key
Every interaction with your brand is an opportunity to create a relationship. Whether that is client presentations, email communication with suppliers, morning staff meetings or the mail delivery from your postman. Consistently delivering on your brand promise in every interaction will surprise people and build a trusting relationship.

A healthy brand knows their unique difference, has a clear brand identity, strategic brand structures and consistently delivers. They also have a strong and valuable relationship with their customers.

Brand-customer relationships are vital to future business success and it all starts with a healthy brand. When the restrictions begin to ease and market confidence rises, consumers will turn to the brands that they know, trust and understand. In the face of one of the biggest business challenges in recent history, your business will need to be one of these trusted brands to live on post Covid-19.

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