DAIS is an industry leading brand consultancy.

We have over 25 years experience in delivering outstanding brand strategies.

Our Brand Specialists

Our team is a dynamic fusion of personalities and creative energies that work in synergy to present inspiration with consistent creative brilliance. Our branding specialists, graphic and new media designers, marketing strategists and administration professionals work together to design and create comprehensive brand strategies and solutions that add value to your business and help you connect with your target market.



General Manager
The General Manager plans, schedules, tracks and manages the range of diverse creative projects at DAIS. They provide high-level management and direction to the design, marketing, and administration teams; and are committed to providing excellent human resource management and support to DAIS Directors and staff.

Account Managers
The Account Managers are our clients’ main point of contact providing advice, value and support that will assist them in achieving their business objectives. DAIS Account Managers build and sustain successful client relationships through the delivery of outstanding customer service and tightly managed project deliverables.


Director, Business Development
The Director of Business Development builds and sustains successful client relationships through the delivery of outstanding customer service.

Brand Marketing Strategist
The Brand Marketing Strategist creates engaging and compelling strategies around new and renewed brand identities and their implementation, via process manuals and marketing collateral. They are committed to meeting client and project objectives, as well as exceeding expectations and inspiring both clients and the DAIS team.


Art Director
The Art Director designs new brand identities and visual identities that meet client & project strategic objectives, and exceed creative expectations. They also provide mentorship and direction for other creative team members to empower the highest quality performance possible.

Senior Creative
The Senior Creative designs new brand identities and visual identities that meet client and project strategic objectives, and exceed creative expectations.

The Designers create new brand identities and visual identities that meet client and project strategic objectives, and exceed creative expectations.

Senior Production Artist
The Senior Production Artist creates high-quality, print-ready finished art. They source print quotes and assist the design team with changes and production issues.


Finance Administrator
The Finance Administrator provides professional financial services and advice, while delivering timely and accurate reporting and maintaining a relationship-focused and customer-service oriented approach.

Executive Assistant
The Executive Assistant provides exceptional executive support to the Director that is attentive, shows initiative and foresight, and instils trust and confidence.

Administration Coordinator
The Administration Coordinator provides exceptional customer service to our clients, and provides administrative support to the business.

Our Brand Culture

The energy that exists within your people is the key to ultimate innovation and building of culture.

Does your marketing plan convert strategy into a detailed and tangible action plan aligned with objectives and all the best possibilities to connect in today’s world?

Are you maximising the opportunities to integrate marketing processes into your business culture?

Are your processes defined, documented and systematised and visible to all your staff?

The production process must be managed with focus to convert on the creative investments made.

Empowering Brand Careers

DAIS embraces the philosophy of life/work balance and recognises there is time for inspiration, time to work hard and of course time to celebrate our successes. Working at DAIS is optional but sharing our passion isn’t. Our DAIS – Your DAIS.


Joining our team is optional but sharing our passion isn’t. We exist to inject inspiration into everyone and everything we touch – consistently with passion to generate creative brilliance. We embrace each other’s uniqueness. We come together through our work and the passions we share.


Warmth, hospitality and personal ‘genuine’ service are at the heart of the DAIS culture. We care and will always show it through the little things that add up to make a big difference – for both our clients and each other.


We recognise that our people are our soul and souls need nurturing. We work hard to embrace the philosophy of balanced living and strive to go home inspired rather than tired.

We are always open to meeting new talent and if you would like to be part of a team who embraces
fresh thinking to create success, then send us your brand story via


Meet Jack


Searching for an inspiring guest speaker for your next business event or team retreat?

Our Director, Jack Perlinski, presents nationally and internationally, inspiring a variety of different audiences about brand. Jack’s reputation has positioned him as a highly sought-after professional speaker and brand coach recognised for his strategic thinking and entrepreneurial flair.

Listening to Jack speak on brand strategy guarantees a new level of thinking that provides the framework for development of a sound brand management structure and benchmarks for effective brand communication.




Brand Health Check

Brand Health Check

Assess the health of your brand with our ten success triggers. If you are ready to value your brand as an asset, we can work with you to achieve this.

Growth Performance System

Growth Performance System

The DAIS brand strategy Growth Performance System is a successful brand process methodology that can deliver your business in excess of 25% growth.

Our Latest Work

Our Latest Work

Creating, building, guiding, elevating, protecting and inspiring – our irrepressible passion just gets stronger with every new engagement.

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Whether you are an administrator, marketing and strategy professional or brand creative we all share the one drive – to be outstanding at our craft.

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